1. B

    Map Pilot - Alternative Route

    Not long taken delivery of a C350e, and am struggling to understand the "alternative route" function on the Sat Nav. This pops up messages fairly regularly which I assume are suggesting an alternative route due to traffic congestion. I cannot seem to find out how to actually accept these...
  2. gr1nch

    Northern Italy touring route ideas?

    Hello forum members, The wife and I are heading off on a driving tour around Italy for about two weeks in May. One stop is definitely the Lake Como area Lake Como - Lakes - Travel ideas Any ideas for routes around Italy, preferably the top half, that would take in Como? We'd prefer stunning...
  3. G

    Coolant liquid route

    I have had a leak on my E250 saloon 2009 for a while. The car has not been driven since the leak discovered. Can anyone tell me the path that coolant liquid takes after you put some into the expansion tank. Within a minute or so it's pissing out from under the the engine somewhere. What could...
  4. ioweddie

    Follow the route up Mount Everest

  5. D

    Route Planning - Antwerp or Brussels to avoid ??

    Route Planning - Antwerp or Brussels ?? Just after some comments from experience from you guys on the best route to take.. Heading out to Holland - got 2 route options via Antwerp or via Brussels... (Brussels add around 30 miles to the overall route) Will be hitting either edge of the...
  6. BillyW124

    Best autobhan Route to Stuttgart

    Hello guys, Can anyone help derive me a route that involves plenty of autobhan action to Stuttgart please. I'm sure the well seasoned euro driver amongst us will know a good route or two!:thumb: I'm driving from London to Stars & Cars 2015, and choice of car well had to take the airplane...
  7. GLK

    How do I route a wire from engine bay into footwell?

    What is the best, i.e. the safest, way to route an electric wire from the engine bay of 2006 W169 into the driver's footwell? Is there an existing conduit I can just slide an extra wire through? I'm fitting DRLs to my A200, and don't really fancy damaging anything in the process :crazy:

    LA to Sanfran Vacation PCH Route!

    Hi All, I have booked to go to LA in mid October, 2 week hols, staying close to the USC (University), just me and GF, plan 5 days in LA, then drive to San Francisco along PCH over 5 days staying overnight along the way, potential itinerary off web in link... USA: Drive the Pacific Coast...
  9. dan-mb

    Video: Digger makes its own route through parked cars!

    That's one way to make a route through...
  10. The _Don

    Pure Driving Experiences: Route Napoleon in a Mercedes C63 Black Series
  11. trapperjohn

    Chorley - Sheffield tomorrow. Best route?

    OK Yorkshire and back tomorrow, Catcliffe near Sheffield final destination. Hoping to set off at around 10am. Anyone travel Preston/Chorley to Sheffield on a regular basis and have a predominantly motorway route please? Satnav wants to take me A Roads not interested at this time of year...
  12. ringway

    To The World's End: Scenes and Characters on a London Bus Route.

    To The Worlds end... I have watched this many times since seeing it on television years ago. Worth watching IMHO. :thumb: First transmitted in 1985, To the World's End follows the No. 31 London bus from Camden Town to World's End, Chelsea, meeting characters who live and work along the...
  13. ItalianTuneUp

    Fastest route: Calais to Avignon

    I'm thinking of driving this route and wondered which is the recommended fastest route, and what the Peages will cost? Any tips? Probably driving at night to minimise traffic hassle.
  14. marty359

    Route planner

    My new job takes me to different places everyday with up to 10 jobs a day. Does anyone know of a route planner where I can enter all the postcodes I have to visit and it sorts them all out into order. Some jobs I have to be on site at a certain time but the majority I can just turn up to...
  15. W

    France route advice please

    On Saturday, I'll be returning from south burgundy (digoin) to Calais. We'll be fully loaded (in the s210:)) so would prefer to stick to motorways. The route we usually take is to The east: Chalon, Dijon, Troyes, Reims, etc... I am wondering if we'd save any time going west: A77, then a6...
  16. W

    France Auto route discount?

    Going to france for a fortnight and wondered if there are any ways to get discounts on the autoroutes? Is it cheaper to get the auto pay thingy that opens the barrier automatically instead of paying at every toll?
  17. nigel cross

    Comand route options

    Is there an option within Comand for fastest route? I am asking as I used mine for the first time and it took me miles out off my way via small country lanes, instead of A roads
  18. npuk

    Best route to Cambridge?

    Need to go up to Cambridge on Thursday for an appointment. Will be leaving West London at 10am, whats the best route to take? Google suggestd routes are A1, A406 and M11 or M25 and A1? Thanks.
  19. knighterrant

    How to import a Google maps route to COMAND

    From what I read in all sorts of places I should be able to download to my COMAND Online (NTG4.5) a route that I've previously configured via Google Maps using a PC. The manual tells me to send the route to the Mercedes-Benz server and then download to COMAND Online. But I'm suffering brain...
  20. D

    Battery cable route

    I replaced the battery on my 2005 clk200 cab today. The negative cable goes straight from the battery terminal to the top of the suspension turret but the 2 positive cables were tucked between the battery and the turret, passing under the negative cable. This route seemed quite tight - is it...
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