1. Sp!ke

    update your home routers folks.

    80% of top routers vulnerable...
  2. M

    2 routers on same ADSL connection

    Hi all I have a home network with a vigor router which is set up with a vpn tunnel to my office which works fine. I want to acess certain geoblocked US audio streaming services such as rdio or slacker and also video such as hulu and netflix. I can access the US geo blocked sites ok from...
  3. M

    VPN between to routers or 2 firewalls?

    Hi All following on from my previous thread about installing a VOIP phone system at work, I decided at the last minute to play safe and cancel the VOIP order and stick with ISDN 30 - but still using a Panasonic NCP 1000 PBX so Ican set up a single IP extension using a DSP SIP card to my office...
  4. Flyer

    NTL & Routers

    I tried to setup a Belkin router (I know, I wasn't asked :rolleyes: ) for my BIL last night - what should have been a 30 minute job turned into a 3 hour job, and it still doesn't work :( I don't know anything about NTL (well, apart from some research this morning), so don't really know how...
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