1. M

    Comand online: SD card & POI & Routes

    Looking for some help please. Some recent versions of Comand have the option to load Personal POIs from SD card and also to load or save routes. For both POIs and routes, this functionality requires gpx files of the correct format to be copied to the SD card in specific folders (this is...
  2. T

    Can you upload routes to 2010 W204 Comand?

    Hi all, Going on a trip and I wanted to upload a custom route to the nav. I currently have it all set and ready to go in my garmin, but I thought this may be able to be uploaded to the Comand via the USB cable in the glovebox? But there again maybe it can't as I did a search and couldn't...
  3. T

    W212 wiring routes please

    So I'm finally going to bite the bullet and fit a dual front/rear dash cam to my facelift W212 E Class Estate. The fuse box is on the right hand side of the boot compartment. I'll probably also locate the recorder there as well, so just need to get the camera cables to their final location...
  4. R

    Importing routes into Comand Online NTG 4.5

    Hello, I recently acquired a 2011 'facelift' C220 Sport with Comand Online NTG 4.5. I do NOT have (and certainly don't want) a smartphone of any sort, so don't use probably the main reason for 'online'. However, after some initial reluctance, I now find the Comand system very good, and use...
  5. Merlin1

    Download routes to Comand

    I can create a personal route with intermediate stops to a destination with Google maps and send this to my car, but on retrieving via MB apps all I get is the destination saved and not the personal route, am I doing something wrong or is this correct? Do I have to save every point individually...
  6. C

    TomTom One IQ Routes (V4) with latest WEST EUROPE Map

    TomTom One V4 IQ Routes. Latest West Europe Map Installed. Used, not abused condition. Comes with EasyPort Mount and Car Charger. £50 + Postage if needed. Glasgow/Lanarkshire Area For Collection/Meeting. Quick iPhone Pics.......
  7. N

    Tomtom IQ routes

    I bought a Tomtom GO 550 Live. Do you have to switch the lane guidance on, went to the metrocentre via the A1 hoping to see lane guidance on the tomtom but it looks no different to my old tomtom. how do i get it to look this, can anybody help
  8. jeremytaylor

    Red Routes

    I think these are unique to London (?) but I've never really understood them. Yellow lines = no parking when shown on sign. Red Routes = Really no parking. (er, what's the difference?) The idea with Red Routes seems to be that there would be special wardens who would ticket/remove cars...
  9. Ade B

    Drain routes

    Hi there, anyone know where I can find a diagram showing all the drain holes/routes on a 1991 300CE 24V? Wet carpet to offside rear passenger footwell - rest of car is dry... looking at other threads, it could be a leak anywhere, so would like to go round all the drains and make sure that they...
  10. Paul

    French auto routes & speeding.

    As I have mentioned previously, We have our holiday in the S/France in a couple of weeks. Now, although I saw no evidence of this the last time I drove in France (Paris to my front door in 4hrs!) I have been told this: When you enter a toll road your ticket is of course time stamped, then...
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