1. A

    230clk w208 front window switch routing

    Can anyone provide me with a sketch of the cable routing of the front widow switches not complete wiring diagram 0f the w208 convertable
  2. pnevesfoto

    V-belt routing for C220 CDI engine (2005 - 150bhp with automatic AC Climate Control)

    Hi everyone, I'm gathering the most amount of tech info for my W203 Station (2005 post facelift) and now the time has come for me to be prepared to a V-belt change, in case it is needed in a near future... Does anyone have the schematics for the V-belt routing on a C220 CDI engine (with AC...
  3. G

    Nav 20 dynamic routing W212 E250

    Hi all, I fitted the Nav 20 system to my father in laws car recently (purchased from Command on line) and he has a question. The map will show traffic but will not automatically re route around it. There is no dynamic route option in the menu (usual fastest etc) but there is a TMC 'tick' option...
  4. P

    Serpentine belt routing on my 2001 E320 cdi????

    Hi all, Does anyone have a diagram of the serpentine belt routing for the front pulley system for my E320 CDI Y REG 2001 ESTATE. I have done the search and have looked at the available diagram on here but mine has an extra pulley from the one in the diagram. I have got the part number...
  5. J

    Routing cable from head unit to boot - W212 2012

    Hi All, My Merc E Class arrives on Monday and I want to add a PNP Amp and sub to the boot. Can someone very kindly explain and/or point me to some instructions as to the easiest way to run cables from behind the Audio 20 head unit to the boot? Very big thanks in advance ........ James
  6. A

    Routing a cable from Aux to console

    Hi, I'd like to route a cable from the Aux soket in the glove box of my 2011 C220 through to the centre console to plug into my Ipod/Iphone. Does anyone know if this is easily done? I'd appreciate any tips as to how to go about it. Thanks Alchad
  7. C

    Does TMC Dynamic Routing work in France?

    I have a W210 Comand 2.0 CD version using the latest 2006 French TMC enabled DX CD, and when I recently returned from visiting Versailles/Paris I used the Dynamic routing option but when I tried it both at Calais and in Paris both times the system couldn't find the Radio channel transmitting the...
  8. D

    Experience with Comand Dynamic Routing

    Travelling from Lake District to Midlands yesterday in the appalling weather conditions, I had my first real experience of dynamic route management. First the little lady told me to take the next exit off the M6. As the screen was full of little red cars I took her advice. I had literally...
  9. D

    W124 Central Locking vacuum routing

    Hi All, Has anyone had cause to record the routing of the central locking vacuum tubing and would care to share the info? My symptoms are: Locking the car from the drivers door, all the doors, boot and petrol flap lock normally. Unlocking the car from the drivers door results in only...
  10. Parrot of Doom

    CD changer cable, routing of in W210?

    Hi there I've got a CD changer in the boot, and I need to get the cable from the back of the head unit to the boot. At the moment its going via the transmission tunnel and under the rear seats - the trouble is that a bit of cable is exposed where the plastic centre console ends - the cable...
  11. P

    setting up routing on win XP

    Hi, I have a Solaris box that I wish to allow out to the internet. The missus has served an evicton notice on it (get that Grey thing out my kitchen :D ) I have a PC with a spare nic and a wireless card in my office. I would like to link the Sun to the PC with a cross cable then...
  12. scotth_uk

    TomTom GO Full Postcode Routing : Link

    Hi All, Not sure how many of you are actually using TTGs at the moment, but in case you are this may assist with postcode routing. Someone has generously assembled the files that were available and it seems to work ok for most.
  13. inetd

    tranny fluid hose routing

    98 S500, appears to have a fluid line/hose coming from the trans drain plug, runs up into the grill area. Haven't located the trans fluid radiator yet - if there is one somewhere. Assuming this IS a tranny cooler line? This line bolts down to frame here and there along its length. One is...
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