1. markjay

    Royal Mail

    At work we sent out some 300 letters containing promotional material to customers on 15th December. As yet none arrived. I am expecting several letters that were sent to me before Christmas. Again, none arrived. Yet I received today post sent out on 3rd and 4th January. Has anyone else...
  2. W

    Royal 320CLK power short problem

    1998 CLK320 petrol 92,000 miles. Stored for three years, battery dead, I replaced the battery along with the starter motor, and a new petrol filter. I took it for a two mile spin, ran fairly well, engine needs tuning. This is a pristine unblemished example inside and out, owned and only driven...
  3. nick mercedes

    royal mail give the chinese a helping hand

    "Royal Mail and Alibaba deal helps Chinese sellers ship to UK Royal Mail and Alibaba are cooperating further to link Chinese exporters directly to UK online shoppers. They already work together because Royal Mail have a shopfront on Alibaba’s Tmall. AliExpress, Alibaba Group’s global...
  4. Venomous

    My Royal Steering Wheels Experience

    Following on from my recent thread about replacing the Steering Wheel on my 2012 C250 CDI Sport+ Coupe - I was directed to Royal Steering Wheels by Forum Member KennyN. The story starts with a number of e-mails to qualify my requirements with Jack, the owner. I settle for a slightly...
  5. W

    A Royal Merc 500

    Ex King of Jordan apparently .. Mercedes S Class 500 THE KINGS.... | eBay
  6. C240Sport97

    any one buying Royal Mail shares?
  7. A

    Complaint - Park royal branch

    Hi I need to make a complaint, what can i do I had paid full amount for the car, had few visits in the branch insurance was arranged, on the delivery date they refused to deliver (car got some problems, not available for sale now) no compensation and no other car offer, they said refund will...
  8. poormansporsche

    Royal Mail Van ?

    I like it :) Vauxhall combo 1.7Dti RoyalFail euro slammed showcar unique | eBay
  9. I

    Parking Chelsea Royal Marsden

    I'm hoping somebody might have some local knowledge that will help me find somewhere to park a reasonable cab ride from the Royal M. I have to be there next week and given I can't use the train, it seems the best idea is to find a spot nearby. Any ideas gratefully received.
  10. horgantrevor

    Did any one see adele live at the royal albert hall

    Did any one see the live show of Adele at the royal Albert hall I have to say what a voice a great live event
  11. Dryce

    Channel 5 - Royal Navy Submarine Mission

    Having just watched a recording of this programme from C5 on Monday evening I would recommend it. It does give a pretty good impression of what it's like on a boat. The clutter of the equipment and variety and use of spaces (there are bits they never show). It's worth contrasting with the...
  12. Druk

    Royal bunnet

    Finishes tonight at 2031hrs. Anyone up for guessing the final sale amount? Princess Beatrice Royal Wedding Hat by Philip Treacy | eBay UK
  13. ringway

    My Royal Gate.

    Yesterday evening I was tasked with building a gate to keep our hounds off the side garden. I'd asked Mrs Ringway to order some tanalised timber and she thought decking would be a good idea. However, the decking she ordered for me to collect, late on saturday afternoon was thicker than I would...
  14. A

    Royal wedding practice clip

    YouTube - T mobile royal wedding spoof :bannana:
  15. Palfrem

    Wootton Bassett to get 'Royal' title

    Chaps With due respect to the sensitivities of our RBL Poppy burning fellow countrymen... BBC News - Wootton Bassett to get 'Royal' title in war dead honour What a nice thing. Thank you Your Majesty
  16. E CLASS

    Royal Navy - Caribbean - your thoughts?

    Just been watching this on Channel 5. I can't immediately think of a bigger waste of resources than the deployment of HMS Manchester to be sailing around the Caribbean looking for drugs boats. Don't get me wrong a worthy cause however they can only be intercepting a nano fraction of...
  17. N

    MB Park Royal prepare to feel my wrath,

    The users on here might know of my problems with MB park royal, in particular how they failed to fix my squeaky brakes, I took my car to MB temple fortune and the reason my brakes have been making a squeaking noise since I bought it is because MB park royal sold me a car with non original...
  18. jaymanek

    Royal Snail... Like Pulling Teeth

    Lost my blackberry last week... finally convinced O2 insurance to send me a new phone... guaranteed delivery before 1pm today... 4.51pm and still nothing... And royal mail say they have no issues this christmas... my backside..
  19. P

    My 'old' GL320CDI for sale at MB Park Royal

    Having returned the GL320 to MB finance at the end of the PCP contract on the 1st March, I had a feeling it would pop up at an MB dealership. Here it is: 2008 MERCEDES-BENZ GL320 CDI 2987 cc 08 7 SEAT BOARDS CAMERA + + The price surprises me a little, it was worth £32K, according to two MB...
  20. Satch

    A Royal Progess

    Well not really but a long overdue trip to see friends/family North of Watford gap. In very broad terms it is Guildford---> Windermere-ish-----> Nairn----->Alnwick/Morpeth-ish-------> Guildford. About 1200 miles. Looking for decent, non boring but not wholly OTT hotels in Lake District &...
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