1. G

    Viano 3.0 CDi Limited initial RPM in drive and reverse

    Hi, I've been reading many posts regarding gearbox issues and the various limp modes but I can't find anything that has helped me get closer to identifying what the issue may be. My gut feeling is that the gearbox is the issue. If anyone can offer any advice before I take it to a...
  2. B

    A140 Juddering at Low RPM and Loss of Power?

    Hi, I've got a 1995 A140 1.4 and recently the car has started juddering severely at low rpm. Even when i start the car something sounds seriously wrong like theirs not enough power going to the engine, the car is struggling up hill and even when i pull away from idle it's really slow but once...
  3. A

    2000 E320 T Cdi rpm at 62 mph

    I've got an w210 E320 T CDI, and it uses a bit more fuel than previous cars of the same model I've had. I think the transmission may not be locking up as it should. The engine speed in fifth gear when cruising at 100 km/h or 62 mph is 2.000 rpm, can anyone who has a car like this tell me whether...
  4. A

    Rpm drops is that normal ....e55

    Hi is that normal when I put a D rpm drop a bit ?also what's more interesting to me when I coming to traffic light ,breaking Rpm drop and sound like engine want to stall and in second coming back to normal rpm idle is that normal ,before I was driving a diesel and I didnt feel it/or I didn't pay...
  5. E

    Will not rev above 2500-3000rpm and will not kick down

    My E320cdi s211 will not Rev above 2500-3000rom and not kick down! It runs fine other than that. This is also intermittent. Does anyone know what could be the issue? Thanks
  6. D

    Car Doesn't make more than 2000 rpm ?

    Hello, I own a MB c270 year 2003, very often while i am driving it happens that even that i push the gas pedal to maximum it doesnt make more than 2000 rpm, it goes really slow, and if i stop the car turn it off , and back on again, and immediately push the gas to maximum it works perfect ...
  7. 4


    Hello gents /ladies, Sorry to be asking for help in my 1st post :( I recently caught some ice and gently (very gently - 5mph max) put my S430 into a shallow ditch. Car was recovered by tow truck by front axle - had a few errors such as airmatic / ABS kick in but went away upon engine...
  8. T

    cls 350 vibration after 1600 rpm

    hello to all . i bought a MB cls 350 year 2005 (200 kW) like a month ago and now i have noticed that when i reach 1600-2500 rpm i can feel vibration inside the car and it doesnt matter do i stay in P N or i am driving . yesterday i change all the spark plugs and the problem still stays . if...
  9. A

    e55amg o2 sensor/vibratiing at low rpm help!

    hi i have problem with my e55 2004 first one i have a light check engine on with error (p2082-008 g3/3 left sensor ,before twc9kat) short circuit in signal line (p0151) i put new bosh sensor delated error after few miles error back.and second is a vibrating on low rpm with load around...
  10. legonutter

    random 300 rpm rev limmiter

    the engine in my merc is a 2001 2.7 cdi 5pot and at random times after start up it engages a 3000rpm limiter without even throwing a code? is this a boost or maf sensor issue?:dk:
  11. B

    RPM stuck on 2500 (w210)

    Hello this problem is really annoying :doh: i cant accelerate the car :wallbash: it just stuck when the RPM is about 3000 ... :mad: what to do about this ? :dk: THANKYou
  12. B

    RPM stuck on 2500

    Hello this problem is really annoying i cant accelerate the car it just stuck when the RPM is about 3000 ... what to do about this ? :dk: THANKYou
  13. Uky

    M271 (CGI) Whining noise at 1500+ RPM

    I have a E250CGI with the M271 direct injection petrol engine. It is a M/Y 2010, but the car has only 30,000 km on the meter. Some time ago, when driving with my windows down I noticed a whining noise or tone, at say 1-2 kHz, that is proprtional with the engine speed. It is not the...
  14. atsa2013

    w211 e200 issue after 5k RPM

    Hi all...I have an issue with my e200 kompressor (2006 184bhp) car is even less responsive and starts shaking once I go over 5k rpm or give it kickdown there is a noticeable lack of power.when I turn off the engine and start up again it runs fine aslong as I don't go past 5k RPM also as a result...
  15. E

    Rattling Noise between 1700-2000rpm

    As above. Noise seems to come from underneath gear lever area. I have checked under the car and exhaust fittings seem secure. I noticed that if I change from D to 4 then the noise goes? Any ideas as to cause would be appreciated. Car is W210 E300TD.
  16. S

    W211 e220cdi rpm Issue

    Hi, New to the forum, so apologies for any new member mistakes :doh: I have a w211 e220 estate 54 plate auto that I've had about 6 months. My first Merc. It has 120k on the clock. I seem to have a gearbox or engine rev issue when the car starts from cold. When I first drive off from a...
  17. M

    Rough Upshifts and Jolts at low RPM

    Hi there. Yes, I just bought this W210 E class 250D non turbo with a 722.4 tranny and it does rough upshifting/jolting at low RPM. I was worried there was some kind of play in the drivetrain, so I put another differential on , the old one leaked anyway, AND RUBBER FLANGE WAS PANTS PIE, and I put...
  18. S

    320cdi v6 + Brabus D6III - weird vibration under high rpm / load

    Hi All, Bit of an odd one this. I've recently fitted a brabus D6III to my CLK 320cdi v6 (2006). The unit serial was confirmed by brabus that it is correct for the vehicle and that it has the right programming. After fitting the unit to the car, you can definitely notice the difference...
  19. P

    W212 engine moaning at around 1500 rpm

    My E250 CDi (W212) makes a “moaning” or “rubbing” or “resonating” (cannot think of any better words to describe) noise from the left hand side of the engine bay as you face the front of the car from outside; it is the turbo side. The car has done 42k miles, properly serviced and is 3.5 years old...
  20. D

    W638 not starting ,3000 rpm

    Morning guys, here`s my dilemma , other than owning a W638 . 110cdi (2003) Drives like a train has a recent new battery, been driving great , jumped in it last night and click...click...click nothing....gave it a push down a hill ..2nd gear, dip the clutch and away she goes...... after work it...
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