1. S

    W208 - Replace Bottom Door Rubbers

    Hi all, I need to replace the rubber at the bottom of both doors: Part/s 2086900382, 2086900482 It seems like a simple job I could do myself. I was wondering how to remove / replace these. Do they simply pull off / clip or are they fixed somehow? Thanks...
  2. clk320x

    Restoring Rubbers and other black trim

    Car went to bodyshop and since its returned where they have masked the car off etc around the rubbers some have discoloured slightly and become whitish.. Anyone know any products which can restore them back to black? Same applies for the black plastic... in some areas :( Cheers
  3. clk320x

    Clk w209 window rubbers prpblem

    Since I bought my CLK the inner window door rubbers have looked very odd, seem like cloth texture no idea why I thought they were supposed to be black? Can anyone suggest what has happened this is on all 4 windows and doesn't look the best when using the pillarless feature haha If...
  4. 5

    W124 Window Sill Rubbers x4 - Brand new OEM - £75

    As title. Been stored away for a few years but brand new and still in MB packaging. These are expensive from MB - I'll offer them up at £75 collected. Hopefully you can see the part numbers in the photo.
  5. Felstmiester

    External window rubbers go green

    My c sits outside unused for weeks at a time. I give it a wash and all is good. But then a few weeks later you can see green crap along the rubbers at bottom of Windows. A wash will remove it but is there anything you could apply to help?
  6. B

    Outer window rubbers

    Ive managed to source new outer weather window rubbers for my W123 ...Does anyone know if I have to take off the inner door cards or can I change them by taking off the outer trim only.
  7. SilverSaloon

    cleaning cloth covered door rubbers

    Hi My W124 has mushroom/cream coloured material on the door rubbers. They are a bit grubby. Any tips on cleaning them/products/techniques to use? I thought about removing them and popping them in the washing machine on a gentle wash?
  8. nick.ged

    124 sunroof rubbers (sliding jaws)

    there are a number of small rubber like parts on the 124 sunroof arms, merc call them slider jaws. paet numbers: a126 782 01 30 : one each side a124 782 00 30 : two each side a124 782 02 30 : two each side a124 782 01 20 : two each side cost is around £70 from the stealer. any one...
  9. jeffwebb

    Window Rubbers

    Does anyone know how to replace the window rubbers on a W169 three door? I mean the one that runs along the top of the door. Is this something a dealer would have? Regards Jeff
  10. johns E350

    Green rubbers

    Hello all any of you know the best way or any way of bringing the window rubbers back to original. As my car stands out side the rubbers have gone green. Just rubbed an ear bud on them and it don't touch it. Thanks in advance John p
  11. I

    W116 Rear Screen + rubbers (front and rear)

    Hi, I need a non-delaminated rear screen and any rubbers or front rear, doors, boot, etc. I have some seats and chrome, lights etc. Thanks. Cheers, Paul
  12. Felstmiester

    Window rubbers

    What do you all use on the external window rubbers? Where I haven't used my car in the last 3 months I've noticed there going green lol.
  13. D

    removing moss from rubbers

    hey all, one of the jobs I need to tackle on my W126 is the removal of my new friends: moss. Due to the car standing for a while, a load of moss has started to grow on the rubber. I've scrubbed with a few rags but it's not taking it off as nicely as i'd have expected. Any tips on banishing...
  14. B

    How Worn Are Your W124 Pedal Rubbers?

    Sorry if this is a bit of a frivolous/trivial post, but I noticed the other day that my accelerator pedal rubber is worn to holes and the car should only have done 118,000 miles. Seems excessively worn compared to my old car's rubbers on the left (142,000). The thing is that I don't know if...
  15. P

    Door mirror rubbers

    Hi all, I went to order new rubbers for the door mirrors today at the agent only to be told that they were no longer available individually, only with a complete mirror....! Can this be true? Does anyone have part numbers for the left and right rubbers for my 1992 500E so I can order them...
  16. C

    C123 Window rubbers

    Hi all, I'm looking to replace the cracked and distressed outside window scrapers on my '84 280CE. Has anyone done this before, and if so, could they outline exactly what is involved? Is it muy dificile? or could a novice like me do it to a factory standard? The car is mint in every other way...
  17. JonathanC250

    Removing W202 Sill covers and rubbers at the bottom of the door?

    Hello all, Has anyone got any tips for taking the sideskirts/ sill covers off of a w202 c class sport? As far as i can see its held on by the rectagle shaped clips underneath, but i cant seem to get them to move or come out! Also, does anyone know how the rubber seal along the bottom of...
  18. A

    ** Wanted - W202 pre facelift rubbers **

    I dont know how to exactly describe the part i need, but it is basically the rubber that slots into where you push the jack into, located at the side of the vehicle. At the moment i dont have any, and you can just see the hole where the jack is slotted into. I think in facelifts W202's it maybe...
  19. Koolvin

    Door Rubbers - W116

    I have been searching for replacment seals and it seems a fair number of the aussies have been buying them from this american site: Auto Parts Fast at RockAuto am I correct in assuming that the 280 SE rubbers will be the same as mine? all in all comes to 200 USD delivered this includes...
  20. jontyash

    Front window falling forward W124 (New rubbers needed too)

    This must be a question that has been asked before so sorry if it is, but does anyone have a link to fixing an electric window on a 300CE Coupe? The window moves up and down but tilts forward as it gets 2/3 inches from the top, then stops. Also, the window rubber on the outside came out...
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