1. Dannyallen89

    Rubbing noise when driving slow or turning left?

    Hi all I have a slight rubbing noise on my s204 when turning left or I hear it driving around 20mph or slower can anybody shine some light into what this could be? I had new pads fitted when I bought the car but not discs I'm thinking it could need discs or cv boot needing replaced. Also I...
  2. N

    Help! C63 wheels on W204 C300 rubbing fenders

    Dear all, Long time reader, first time poster! I searched the forum already and although it was helpful, I was hoping if someone might have a solve for me directly, as everything that has been suggested I have tried. I bought a W204 MY2013 C300 with AMG kit, previous owner installed 19"...
  3. K

    Rubbing rattling noise ...w208 clk230

    Hi When the fuel tank gets below about half full I get a rubbing or scraping sound from nearside mid/rear underneath. having searched the forum, I see fuel tank baffles being an issue on some models, but does this apply to the w208? I first noticed it with 4 people in the car so assumed it was...
  4. H

    Rubbing sound from rear wheels

    Good afternoon wonderful people of MBclub im hoping someone will be able to assist Ive a W220 S55KL AMG, which is suffering from a mysterious rubbing sound (as though something is catching) on the rear wheels after some spirited driving and average braking (no emergency stops or anything...
  5. F

    Slight rubbing issues, coilovers?

    I've got a slight rubbing issue when there's a lot of weight in the car going over bigger bumps, I've had a black series body kit put on my CLK, the steel arches cut and rolled up and the fiberglass arches over the top, with wheel spacers pushing the wheels out past where the old arches sat, the...
  6. Bigbargainjay

    W203 tyres rubbing , help needed please

    I have recently fitted 18s, I have kept with the staggered fitment but gone 8 fronts and 9 rear. I have 225/40 on the front and 255/35 rear, I have the sports brakes on mine which are the big discs and 4pot brembo calipers, obviously the wheels wouldn't fit. I had to use 15mm spacers to get...
  7. 5

    w124 500e tyre size - rubbing on front...

    Hey all Fitted the Lorinser RSK5's on my 500E yesterday and the fronts are touching... They are 9J on front, et44 with a 22mm spacer. Have to use this size of spacer as it just about clears the brake caliper and strut. Tyres are 255/45/17 on the front which I suspect is the problem...
  8. dog

    tyres no rubbing

    Thinking of buying these 18" GOLD POL CRUIZE 190 ALLOY WHEELS 8.5 front 9.5 back on Ebay anyone tell me what is the widest tyre you can fit with no rubbing ?
  9. J

    Steering wheel rubbing

    I have just changed my indicator stalk, I have put everything back together but now the steering wheel seems to be making a rubbing sound so I must have done something wrong but I do not know what I have done wrong. has anyone got any ideas? Thank you
  10. Q

    Rubbing noise

    I've noticed when cruising there's a low "whrrrrrr", sounds like it's coming from up front. At lower speeds it sounds repetitive in that its "wuh, wuh, wuh, wuh" and speeds up with the speed of the car. Very weird. Sounds exactly like a rubbing disc. But I changed both front discs and pads...
  11. omegav6i

    C43 Tyre rubbing

    Iv just had 2 Michelin tyres fitted to the front and im now getting some rubbing on the arches when on full lock and reversing. The sizes are the same as the pirellis that were replaced, 225/40/18. Is this common or has something gone wrong somewhere? to me the wheels looks like they protrude...
  12. M

    C320 wheels rubbing

    Hi I just got a c320 with custom alloys and they are rubbing when braking or hard turning they only rub in one area in the wheel arch cover they have low profile tires and small spacers at the front any ideas on what I will attach a picture I wasn't looking in cutting off any of the plastic...
  13. 300CE

    Mercedes w124 e-class amg coupe chrome sill door rubbing strips

  14. zenman63

    rubbing sound at 20 mph C200K

    Just picked up a nice clean C200k coupe MY05 What sounds like a wheel bearing noise, rubbing spinning, only at 20 23 mph then goes, just had the hubs off, bearings look fine, I changed one side and cleaned and re greased with a new seal the other, look fine, no marks anyway. Sat in the back...
  15. R

    Front tyre rubbing issue

    Hi all, First time poster here hoping for a bit of advise. I have just bought some khan rsx alloys, the size is 19" x 8.5 not sure about the offset. (I am waiting for them to get back to me). The front wheels seem too wide and are rubbing on the areches when going over bumps and dips in the...
  16. mobeyone

    Brake rubbing sound when stopping

    Had my front disc and pads replaced a few months ago and I have noticed a rubbing sound coming from the front when stopping. The disc and pads are unipart, long story and lessons have been learnt about how this came about... but I have also had a brake wear message pop up everynow and then...
  17. Chas

    Rubbing sound from wheel

    I suddenly have a rubbing sound from the left front wheel. It makes the noise every revolution and ceases when full right or left lock. I thought it might be the brakes binding but probably not ? Any ideas or help would be most welcome:) Thanks S320 2001
  18. W

    Rubbing tyre

    hi all just thought id ask if anyone has suffered a similar problem to the one i seem to have at the moment.Swmbo rang me on sunday to let me know that she had a puncture front n/s on the w210 320 cdi estate avantgarde and could i come and change it for her ! Of course i know what side my bread...
  19. swannymere

    S124 with Aero 1's rubbing

    Help, I've got some AMG Aero 1's (17x8J ET28) fitted with 225/45/17 tyres on my S124 and it's rubbing the wheelarch on the nearside wheel if i hit dips or humps in the road. The edge of the tyre is just level with the outside edge of the wheelarch what can i do to prevent this? Do i need to fit...
  20. T

    Wheels Rubbing - Lowered CLK W208

    Hi Guys & Gals, Just picked up this CLK 320 a few weeks ago and was hoping someone could give me a bit of advice. Generally everything's fine apart from some rubbing issues with the wheels. Fronts seem to cause some rubbing on the front of the wheel well as it has a shiny patch on both sides...
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