1. markjay

    Rubbish bins, Planning Permission, etc...

    We live in a block of flats (10 flats). The buildings in our street do not have individual bins. There are a large rubbish bins in four locations along our street, that serve all residents. It has been this way for the past twenty years (at least). There are vaults under the pavements in...
  2. Palfrem

    Rant alert - Utter intelligence insulting rubbish from Mercedes Benz?

    At a recent get-together (Brooklands) I met one of the previous owners of my W124 E36. He told me that my car was originally a MB press car when it was first registered in the UK. On the strength of this, I wrote to MB and asked if they could confirm if that was indeed the case. All I...
  3. nickpb

    Anyone else think the Becker Map Pilot is rubbish?

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the Becker Map Pilot is rubbish? Mine was a new unit when I got the car 2 years ago (thankfully, I didn't pay extra for it), and from day 1 I have been unimpressed. In the past I have had Tom Tom sat navs, and I got used to being told when to...
  4. HB

    Worst Top Gear ever tonight

    The worst Top Gear I've seen ever. Your comments please
  5. mykaitch

    Mercedes software

    Why is Merc (Renesas) software such total crap ? Was it written by lads on work experience? Bought my new C Class last year, upgraded it to command on line. Plug in ipod. Some artwork there, most not. The artwork is stored on the hard drive --what total prat thought of that? It is stupid: if you...
  6. M

    Why are GPs rubbish with back trouble...?

    Been suffering quite a lot of lower back pain lately, across the bum and down the left leg - walking and twisting out of a car can be excruciating! Never have bothered my GP much in the past, but I suspect sciatica so need an expert to tell me what is going on down there as I am hobbling like...
  7. T

    Rubbish roads

    Has any one else noticed the awful state that the roads are in, it seems that along with the pot holes there is a lot of surface damage and here in Warwickshire a lot of the drains and inspection covers have dropped, some by 4 or so inches.
  8. Chris Akabusi

    New found levels of incompetence. Trains. Rubbish.

    Thought i'd share my story from the weekend with you all, as i still can't quite believe what i heard. Me and Mrs Akabusi spent a few days in London last week, due to return to Sheffield on the 17:55 from London St Pancras. We boarded said train and at about 18:20 an announcement was made...
  9. H

    Why is my BMW so rubbish in the snow?

    I've got a 1 year old diesel 1-series, I'm an average, slightly sedate conservative driver and I live in not too remote Bracknell. Driving home tonight I had to be given a push twice after I got stuck. Once, on a small slope and the second time while I was parking outside home. We're not...
  10. Ted

    Rubbish 124 quality!

    My MOT is up at the end of November, so I thought I'd get th car in early. To my disappointment the car failed. Two of the amber bulbs had started to show white. How DARE Mercedes make a car where the bulbs fail after only fifteen years. I spent £740 of my hard earned childrens inheritance to...
  11. buccal

    Rubbish Friday night

    Some poor soul on pistonheads has just been well and truly mugged, as always buyer beware: Advice Needed - Think I've Been Shafted (Long One)
  12. The Boss

    What the hell is this!!

    OMG, How can you ever show you face in daylight behind the wheel of this contraption... yuk :eek: oY5JkacxUzQ
  13. Gucci

    Quick, I'm rubbish at maths...

    ......what percentage is 27 of 1677? - how do you do the calculation?
  14. Carrotchomper

    Rubbish registrations...

    There are some real classics on this thread on another forum. And no, I don't frequent the "BazPlates" forum, I was pointed there. It's worth flicking back through the other pages of that thread, do be aware some of the others are NSFW due to a little avatar of a dancing lady :devil: There...
  15. Beetnik


    Thank you to whoever threw away the plastic bag that I tried to avoid this afternoon but which ended up stuck to my exhaust resulting in the best part of an hour being spent scraping the melted plastic off the pipes. :( Top down and stinky poo.
  16. grober

    Why Modern Cars Are Rubbish?

    Or at least according to this MSN journalist. ;) whether you agree with him or not he makes some interesting observations such as the following. "The classic example is the Golf GTI. The Mk1 weighed just 840kg. The current...
  17. jpskiller

    Why Modern Cars Are Rubbish

    just read this article, interesting and i agree with some, but not all
  18. shakeapaw

    Comand Is Rubbish

    Just used the comand sat nav for the first "real time" i.e,no idea where im going,over the weekend to go to a camp site in filey,the blue dolphin. First it wouldnt accept the postcode,and not knowing the name of the road,its not on the haven website,just the a165 is all it says, so i just put in...
  19. R

    E320 cdi handling - any one else think it's rubbish?

    My 2000 E320 cdi gets right out of order when tramlining in the slow lane - very disconcerting. Any one got a cure. I'm running alloys and reasonably wide tyres.
  20. R

    how rubbish is a hummer? Maybe they need a hilux in iraq
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