1. Londonscottish

    212 E500 - rude bill of health from BSG

    My nearest indy (BSG) has carried out a lot of work on my Merc's over the years. These days I've moved away from the area a bit and tend to go local for the more trivial stuff but it's become a rite of passage to take any new purchase round there to have it checked out meticulously. And...
  2. C

    Rude not to introduce myself

    Hello, new member who on the Jst July exchanged my C220 CDI Estate for a 2002 SL500. Having a few warranty issues, keyless go drivers/passenger door buttons not locking the car, but boot button works! All other keyless functions working. And a fuel Guatemala that reads full goes down to 1/2 as...
  3. D

    Be rude not to say hello....

    Hi all, I have been using this forum as my daily read for the past few weeks. As I though the time was right to find myself a dream car of mine, the c63. There’s a wealth of information here, with all different options. Which steered me in the right direction. I wasn’t to fussed at first what...
  4. gunning

    What ever happened to rude mercs?

    Remember about 10/12 years ago when I was about 11 ish seeing my neighbours rude mercs. He had 2 190e's and one with evo2 kit. At the time it was the best thing ever. I suspect now it would look utter tat. Who had them and any photos/ info? What happened to them?
  5. isohail72

    Rude Club

    Never had an experience to see a rude form like this one!!!!
  6. M

    Question: Is it rude in to drop in unannounced?

    Caught in mildly compromising circumstances today when an old friend (and wife) not seen for 20 years dropped in "on the off chance". Nothing embarassing, just house a bit of a tip and a lot I needed to do. I winged it with the entertaining but when SWMBO arrived home from supermarket with car...
  7. 300CE

    1994 mercedes e220 cabriolet 1 of only 2 made by rude merc's

  8. Red C220

    Rude and non PC T shirt slogan that made me spit my coffee out (don't show the kids)

    All I want for christmas is this.
  9. R

    Rude people - aaagh

    With email addresses / name removed, here is a conversation that Mark just had Bloke mails in: - So Mark figures that we don't know who this is, and as we don't know whose car he is trying to start & that its probably against the law to assist someone doing this without diligintly...
  10. D

    'Rude' police punishing middle classes to hit Home Office targets

    Some of the members here can tell us more.............
  11. S

    Rude cyclists

    Today I was driving home from Edinburgh and there were some cylists on the the road, normally fair enough, except for one thing, there was a whopping big cycle track running next to the road (B road). The council went to great expense to put this cycle track in for this minority group...
  12. BlackC55

    Joke of the day (slightly rude)

    Subject: A MAN WALKS INTO A BAR A man walks into a bar with a paper bag. He sits down and places the bag on the counter. The bartender walks up and asks what's in the bag. The man reaches into the bag and pulls out a little man, about one foot high and sets him on the counter. He reaches...
  13. gina2201

    Rude Mercs of London Conversion Interesting plate!:D
  14. BlackC55

    Rainbow '80s kids show (rude version) Made me laugh so much
  15. GazCaff

    The Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime (NSFW)

    I've posted this after telling a couple of guys at the NW GTG about it. I'm sure a lot of you will wonder what its all about but for blokes in their late twenties/early thirties it'll bring back childhood memories in a very funny way! Like I said, NSFW.
  16. Steve_Perry

    Nice Beavers! Don't worry not rude.

    This is a letter sent to a man named Ryan DeVries by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Quality, State of Pennsylvania. Here is Ryan's response, please read above first before reading below: ;) Heh made me chuckle :D S.
  17. glojo

    Genuine New Zealand TV advert (bit rude)

    My brother has very recently emigrated to New Zealand and is obviously impressed with such a beautiful country. However he keeps giggling whenever this advert comes on the local television. 1. Click on Downloads 2. At the...
  18. Sp!ke


    I just won THIS Should make for some interesting reading :bannana:
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