1. G

    Winter run-around

    So I'm considering getting a little run-around for the winter months and putting the 507 in the garage except for sunny, non salty road days :) Considering a polo gti dsg. Anyone else out there do this? any recommendations? I don't want to spend a fortune obviously. Cheers!
  2. A

    What Mercedes Estate "cheap" runaround to buy?

    Hi all, I'm just selling my 2005 E320cdi Advantgarde Estate. Absolutely love it. Can't fault it. Best car I've ever owned! I'll really miss it! I owned a W210 before this which was brilliant! I'm a wheelchair user and I am looking at a Vito van. Long story! However, this is the...
  3. jaymanek

    Just a little Runaround


    Runaround - advice please!

    Advice needed people! I am thinking of getting a daily runaround. Something cheap and cheerful. As you can tell probably tell, I am not a fan of modern ‘eruoboxes’ and like something with a bit of ‘character’. I love driving so want to enjoy the experience everytime! Currently am thinking of a...
  5. Movi-Star

    Now in the "MB Club", bought a W202 CDi runaround, few Questions

    Sold my 410 bhp Evo IX last week, wanting a C55 saloon, but until a suitable one becomes available I've "splashed" out on a nice W-plate C220 CDi runaround! Really pleased with it so far, looks to have been well looked after, 5 matching Continental tyres, MB history, not bad for a BCA auction...
  6. MercFanUk

    Cheap Runaround

    Hi folks, I'm after a cheap run around, around £500 mark, needs to be MOT'd, pref taxed, and not going to fall apart for at least a year ;) Smaller the engine the better! If you have anything and are in South Yorks, let me know :)
  7. reflexboy

    Not bad/reasonable SL-cheap runaround

    Maybach / Mclaren SLR Centre of Excellence : Absolutely Stunning 1960 300 SL Roadster
  8. EDZ649

    Cheap, reliable runaround for sale

    Sorry about this, I know its not a Merc but thought I'd offer it on here first before you know where! Seat Cordoba CLX 1.6 1996 (N) White 4 Door 133,000 Miles Full service carried out in February 09 New o/s/r wheel bearing fitted Mot'd untill 13th December 2009 Taxed until 31 january 2010 CD...
  9. GRAV888

    Cheap runaround for sale.

    My daughter has now bought a clio, so her old car is now surplass to requirements. Peugeot 205 GR 1989 F reg 1360cc 5 speed gearbox Blue 1 Yrs mot put on this week 5 door Very clean car - no rust or dents Interior very good - no rips or tears on the seats Back seats like new Last...
  10. S


    Having went through a number of barges (S500, 750il, LS400) I am stepping back to gather my thoughts on the next automotive frolic! To that end, am looking for a runaround banger car so as long as it runs, has some mot and won't break down, not really too fussed on what it is. Of course, if...
  11. NW_Merc

    Very cheap (so far) E36 runaround Ladies, don't expect help on a Thursday (nuts advert)
  12. stats007

    Runaround W201

    I've been offered a 1989 F plate W201 190E and am thinking of buying it as a runaround whilst looking for another car. Is there anything to specifically check for on these? I've seen photos and all paint seems original with no rust. It's a manual, 85k miles and has had a recent MoT and oil...
  13. S

    Runaround Red Rover Cab £600

    Cheap Ebay 330202907941
  14. S


    Wrote off the sig car due to some prat in the wrong lane. Upgraded to a new car now Elegance clk230 komp Therefore my 'inbetween' runaround used to get me to and from work is now up for sale. It is a rover 216s cabriolet in red Taxed and Mot'd V5 present Reliable Decatted Standard car...
  15. J

    1995 SL320 Daily Runaround ?

    Hi great forum, well done guys. Been looking at a 1995 SL320, 60,000 miles, Full MBSH, £8500. Sounds a good buy. Gorgeous looking car. But could I afford to run it on a daily basis ? 3.2 Thats got to be thursty !! Been looking for something a bit special, convertible, could this be it ?? Any...
  16. SportsCoupeRich

    buying a cheap runaround.

    Friend of mine wants to spend less than a grand on a decent run around to do not many miles. Wants cheap to run and insure. Has been offered a vw golf for £100 - but needs a new cylinder head and cat convertor. Seems less of a bargain to me than a lot else out there. Anyone got some good...
  17. High-Lo

    Cheap runaround on ebay

    Don't miss this bargain :D
  18. A

    cheap runaround for sale (Mazda not Merc)

    not sure whether or not this belongs in the off topic section, the ebay section or here :) Annie (the other half) is selling her Mazda 323F for silly money - she wants it off the drive this weekend advertised here on ebay. If anyone is interested (or knows someone who is) then drop me a...
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