1. I

    Limp Mode - Intake Manifold Runner

    Hi every one Im new on the forum, done some reading and found interesting topics. Hope you can help me. I have a 2005 Vito 115 W639 engine code 646 It goes into limp mode if rpm goes over 2000 I get the following errors from my ELM327 WIFI module connected to my iPhone: P2018 Intake...
  2. Red C220

    Blade Runner 2049

    I had absolutely no idea a sequel had been made to this film, I stumbled across this today, it looks awesome. I just hope it does the original justice. GDscTTE-P-k
  3. KillerHERTZ

    1999 W202 C200 Esprit, (Manual) - Non Runner / Spares or Repair

    I tried my best to get it ship shape, did all the rust work and cleaned it up to a decent standard but its now failing to start - starter motor failed? was running 2 weeks ago. Im not mechanically knowledgeable to get it running again. -1999 W202 C200 Espirt Manual - One of the very last W202...
  4. gunning

    New daily runner. E55k estate

    Well I bought E55BOF's e55 amg estate. Very happy with it! Since buying it from him on Wednesday I've driven from beaconsfield to Cornwall, then a return journey to Dartmouth naval college. It's great having that power back as I've been missing it since the last one in 2013. Plans for this car...
  5. MatthewW

    So I needed a £500 runner...

    Afternoon all. Having decided that the main car is having to go back I needed a runner and probably £500 would get me something which might last 6 months. Choices I had thought of were either Corsa, Fiesta, Clio, Polo just any cheap 10 year old car. Which is when I noticed an older guy from...
  6. D

    non runner w124 convertible avail for sale and parts

    anybody interested in sharing!!
  7. grober

    Tonight Blade Runner 10.45pm BBC2

    Blade Runner the final cut tonight at 10.45 BBC 2 If you haven't seen one of best movies of the 2nd half of the 20th century watch it or at the very least record it. Film Noir, Detective thriller, Dystopian Science fiction its all those but greater than the sum of its parts. Harrison Ford is...
  8. W

    Non runner Astuar ..

  9. B

    2001 c220 parcel shelf runner

    Hi Has anybody got the passenger side runner from a W203 cargo/load cover in black.Looked on fleabay no good. Picture of drivers side runner. Cheers
  10. merc85

    380 Sel Runner up 2007

    Hi I havent got another Mercedes yet, but this was my 380 sel 24k from new when i had her, ex dubai embassy. Come runner up in Street concours 2007 @ Mercedes Benz world.
  11. D

    w129 with w230 kit lequrish all sorts and non runner

    Mercedes Benz SL 500 silver 69500 Miles Spares or Repair Full Service History | eBay is it true the cat at fault anybody nows
  12. tmwsccsh

    My Daily Runner

    Hi all, Just thought some may be interested to see my daily toy. Slightly old image as I have now changed the grill for a chrome one as it should be. 2001 3 Litre SE X-Type with most toys of the time (no heated seats or screen though, sadly). 222,000 miles and still going strong...
  13. nadeem

    FS V230 Ambiente Non Runner

    Hi, The car is a non runner, fully intact last use upto 4 years ago on lpg (until it ran out). 1998 7 seater Ambiente spec Known faults; 1. Fuel pump issues won't start on petrol. 2. Gearbox stuck in 1st 3. Rear suspension down compressor works though. Ideal for project or parts. Open to...
  14. O

    W221 Intake Manifold runner sensor fault

    Hi Gents, Would appreciate some advice here, if anyone has had the same issue. My car has been stuck in limp mode with the engine management light, after having it diagnosed, the error came as the intake manifold runner sensor. They dont know weather it is the motors or the whole manifold...
  15. John

    Claire Squires Marathon Runner who passed away (RIP)...

    ...some of you may have heard about this already. When I donated this morning, it was on £1700 roughly. Now look at it: Claire Squires is fundraising for Samaritans
  16. sidporsche

    Non runner E55 Scrapper

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  17. michaelk3289

    seat belt stalk runner

    hi guys, yet an other prob with my w124 where did this bullet proof myth come from so i got in my car started it up and went to put the buckle in the holder (if you can call it that) the surround has broken off some time ago and all i have is the red release button and bit the buckle clis...
  18. S

    e240 W210 inlet manifold runner stuck open

    Hi all bit of brain picking if I may 2000 V6 petrol E240 - fault codes showing are P2064 and P2004. I think the 2004 is 'intake manifold runner stuck open' and 2064 is 'reductant supply control circuit high'. Firstly does anybody know if these codes are right - all the charts seem to suggest...
  19. gurpz

    Non Runner W210 E55 AMG

    MERCEDES E55 AMG (Genuine AMG but non runner) on eBay (end time 17-Sep-09 12:38:31 BST)
  20. F

    Good Runner

    Just had word of how the "Taliban Taxi" (W202) got on in it's MoT the other day (am travelling with work so the folks are getting it sorted out for me), needed a new wiper blade and one new wheel sensor:) Not bad for a 12 year old car with 188,000 miles on the clock, and the tester said it...
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