1. D

    W211 Estate - Car Too Low - Pump runs for only 10 secs when car is started

    W211 Estate 2003 airmatic front and rear - Car Too Low - Pump runs for only 10 secs when car is started. Car dropped almost to bump stops at rear and wont rise. Front is fine. Both sides dropped to same level. I did find the pump connector wasn't in great shape but thats now good. Pump looks...
  2. M

    Analogue Clock Runs Slow

    Hi. Have been searching for an answer, but can't seem to find an answer to my problem. COMAND digital clock working fine, but analogue clock is running approx 50 mins slow. When I manually change the digital clock, the analogue clock changes time, but is still slow by the same value. Have...
  3. C

    2005 W203 C180K Hard to start runs rough

    Hello, firstly this is my second post so be gentle and apologies for the following, long winded explanation. I have a 2005 W203 C180K, I bought it at auction and there were a few problems, as to be expected! I have changed the following, Alternator (MB) & Battery because of light sensor...
  4. froggiegit

    Runs better when cold

    Hi, Bought a 2001 (W203) C200K estate 2 years ago and very pleased with it. Recently it runs great from cold but seems a bit more hesitant when up to temperature. Had some codes came up from time to time - before and after the problem. Cleaned the MAF sensor with contact cleaner and the...
  5. B

    Cooling fan runs very fast during warming up i.e. The engine is still cold.

  6. T

    W140 A/C Problem - Compressor RUNS ONCE

    Hello, I hope some of you clever people can help me out?. I recently purchased a W140 1998 S500. Slowly, I am trying to sort out the various issues on the 150,000 miler. One of the main problems is the A/C not working. The Vehicle from what I can gather has been stood for some time...
  7. kwardy

    B180 Sport (W246) Removed Runs Flats

    Hi All, just reaching out to see if anyone else has removed the runs flats of there B Class . plus the road noise is some much quieter and now it doesn't seem to thud over bumps etc:thumb:
  8. Sp!ke

    28 litre Fiat S76 runs for the first time in 100 years

    Fascinating stuff.
  9. M

    w639 ecu fan runs constantly..normal?

    Hi and greetings from Finland!:bannana: My ECU fan is running constantly, it never stops, even after the car has been sitting still for a good day or two, keys out of ign., doors locked, i can hear the fan running.. and yes i'm sure it's the ECU fan since i found the fan from the bottom of the...
  10. D

    Drowned S202 runs again - but it's a bit rough

    Hello, So I managed to drive my 2000 C200K into quite a lot of water two weeks ago, but after much dismantling and cleaning, it runs. And drives - the gearbox shift module and TCM units seem to have survived. So far... But it sounds like it's missing on a cylinder - it idles like a V8, and...
  11. L

    E300 DT Powerless when cold - Runs good after restart warm

    Hi, I have this kind of odd problem with my 1999 E300 DT. It starts fine but runs like you had taken the turbo out. If I drive it until it's warm, then restart, it runs good. In summer I just have to run for a couple of kilometers, at about 10° C for about 15 kilometers and at about freezing...
  12. M

    Short runs in my W211 270CDI.

    Good evening all, Since changing jobs I no longer have to wake up at the crack of dawn for a 1.5 hour one way commute on the M4, 5 days a week, which is good. My faithful 270CDI was taking on some mileage, but what a great car to be commuting in. I was getting around 45-47 MPG (some times...
  13. PhilDR

    Weistec E55k 3.0 Supercharged runs 10 seconds

    I know there is some interest in the Weistec systems and we are exclusive distributors for their products.. We have held off actively pushing to allow more proving to take place....but this year will see the C63 build and a E55K :D Weistec Engineering - Supercharged E55 AMG - 10.7 @ 132.9...
  14. D

    2002 SL55 - starts, runs for a few seconds, dies.

    Hi all - I've a 2002 SL55 which has been in storage for the last few years - been started from time to time and driven a few feet forwards and back, but otherwise just sat. I went to extract it last month, and it started fine, drove it out, left it running for a few minutes to warm up...
  15. 300CE

    1999 mercedes e300 elegance td - runs on water

  16. brucemillar

    CPU being eaten. Machinr runs slow

    Hi My trusty Dell Dimension Win XP SP3 runs so slowly it is becoming useless. It uses up max CPU on nearly every program you start and I can't see why. I have run Malaware Bytes - No faults found CCleaner - all good I have also run MS Security essentials - No fault found. De-fragged the disc...
  17. P

    Engine only runs when glow plug light is on

    Car is c250 1995 non turbo Right here is a strange one. My car wouldn't start the other day and I see air in the diesel lines so I replaced all the pipes and the diesel shut-off o-ring thres now no air in any of the lines and no leaks. Now for the not starting bit I can go to the car and it...
  18. T

    car runs good at WOT only

    Hello guys I am from Bulgaria and I am new to this forum, already registered in other boards, but people there seem to be very unhelpfull (or dumb I can't decide) so I decided to post my 3-and-more months old problem here. My car ('95 C200 petrol W202, manual, 180K miles on the clock)...
  19. ACID

    SANTA POD 2nd October 2011 1/4 mile runs

    hey Anyone intrested doing the 1/4 mile run on the above date??? Let me know what you think Acid
  20. 3

    1987 w124 300 TE starts, runs for seconds only

    Hello there, I'm a new member asking a question on behalf on my dad, who's got a 1987 'D' w124 300 TE. Today the car would start as normal, but only run for a few seconds before cutting out - enough to get it half the way down the road, where it now resides. The rev counter would stick...
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