1. clk320x

    Beading causes rust?

    For those of us with ungalvanised mercs.. I can't help but notice my car is still sitting pretty covered in beads of water... especially the bootlid between the lip spoiler and boot... (it's started to bubble up here interestingly) anyway... do you think this increases the chance of rust as...
  2. K

    RUST!.. Is there a future without it?

    Apologies if this should be in the bodywork section, but deemed it more discussion than advise... After speaking to a few forum guys and the issues they have had with rust and the constant maintenance or investigation or preventative work, it did get me thinking. Now I'm not completely naive...
  3. Uky

    C207 - owners - A little corrosion check...

    If you own a C207, it could be worth mentioning that the two plastic covers on each side of the boot lid may hide some not-so-nice-things. Open the Boot lid, the using a side cutter GENTLY pull out the four plastic rivets. Then using your fingers, gently pull out the remaining rubber rivets...
  4. clk320x

    Rust Treatment

    Just spotted a little bit of rust on the inner drivers side wing Keen to treat it before it spreads Is there any chemical that can be applied straight onto it to prevent it spreading? Or does it require sanding etc Thanks
  5. D

    Engine compartment tidy up

    Hi, I have an SL55 and I noticed that there are a few areas of what looks like surface rust on the body inside the engine compartment. Also one of the brackets holding a tank has rusted. This could be replace I think. Also the top covers seem to have some surface corrosion and don't look as...
  6. A

    Rust spots wife's fezz

    Washing the wife's little fiesta this morning I came across a couple of what I think are rust spots. Car 6 years old now not sure how long the warranty is with fords. If it's not covered how best to stop it from getting any worse and spreading under the paint. And this one is underneath the...
  7. R

    How to fix rust problems

    Morning All Does anyone know of any god quality instruction uploads on You tube that guide a total noob through the process of doing body work repairs. I'm afraid my knowledge of cars is poor but I might need to do something in this regard shortly and I want to avoid wading through the...
  8. B

    R107 bulkhead / firewall rust. Has anyine repaired it? Need help pls

    Hello I am trying to repair my '73 450SL but it is getting the better if me. If anyone has repaired the firewall rust, please let me know how you did it. I have repairable rust in the plenum chamber and I don't need the bulkhead kit. I do have rust in the 2 layers of metal in front of it...
  9. P

    Rust wheel bolts

    I no longer own a merc ...but I have to say that the C200 was the best car I've owned. As I was clearing the boot of my focus today( I know) I found a cover that I'd bought online many years ago ... To cover up the rusty wheel bolts ... I simply searched Mercedes wheel bolt covers ... Just an...
  10. Maco

    2014 E Class Rust!!

    As many of you know I picked up a 2014 E250 a few weeks back. Just Sen cleaning it today & I've found speckles of rust in bid patches on both sides of the car, doors wings arches and sills. It's not red either it's white, supposedly there's a problem with the red ones! Anyway, just spoke...
  11. B

    R107 Firerewall / Bulkhead / Plenum chamber rust repair

    Hello all I am new here and have q some questions. BTW: I am in Australia. I am going to embark on a major rust repair exercise on my mercedes 1973 450 SL. I will be using the bulkhead panel kit from the SL shop in the UK. Can somone who has done this. please let me know if: 1) The...
  12. P


    The front top metal panel which is under the bonnet is rusty do you think I could claim on it
  13. whirsk

    C124 300ce rust treatment advice

    Hi Folks It's time for the 300ce to go back into storage for the winter, there is one area of rust at passenger side rear window. I was hoping to get some advice on how best to treat this area to prevent further spread whilst in storage? Thanks in advance. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  14. GlenQ

    Front And Rear Door Capping

    I've just had some minor rust removed from the bottom of the drivers door on my 04 S320 CDI. The spray shop has treated the very bottom of the door with Waxoil and has recommended that the plastic capping that snaps on to the bottom of the door is NOT re-installed. The shop say this is a...
  15. lisa110rry

    Bit sad, little rust marks can't be sorted

    Hello, member Chrishazle, on another forum answered my thread about giving myself a treat. He suggested a colour rectification thingy for swirl marks and a interior detail on my little car. Wonderful idea! But I thought it would be a good idea to have the little rusty spots sorted on my little...
  16. clarea

    Rust on wheel arch

    I have a very small amount of rust on the nearside rear wheel arch and it's annoying me :) Can anyone recommend somewhere I can get it fixed please? Near St Albans, Herts. Thank you
  17. c55

    Breaking Rust free W210 US Car UK Registered E Class

    W210 Saloon , Breaking UK Registered (US Car, Rare V8, W210, E420, M119, 1995, Very Low Mileage) This model was built for less than one year and is pre E430. However, it has been registered in the UK so all the lighting meets UK specification. By virtue of it being a US car, it has...
  18. F

    SLK front wing rust issues

    I've spent a good part of today reading various forums about rust problems in R170 SLKs, with limited success. I'm currently looking at a friend's SLK and I'm trying to sort out the rust where the front wing joins to the bumper. Taking the bumper off was relatively easy as all the bolts...
  19. C

    C126/SEC Rear screen rust repair

    I went to view a 1990 C126 earlier today and whilst it had some rust on 2 of 4 wheelarches, I was more concerned about the rust under the rear screen. The screen/seal had been replaced at some point as there was no delamination or milkyness. As anyone had the under screen area repaired in...
  20. R

    Rust will not stop you.

    1998 Mercedes
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