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    Rusted sump.

    When my MY 2013 C180 Estate went in for the scheduled ATF change recently, the garage added £46 to the bill for a new oil pan. They showed me the old one which the mechanic had cleaned up to reveal an area of corrosion on the side which had spread downwards to surround and damage to drain plug...
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    W212 rear number plate screws rusted in: help

    Got some nice plates and plate holders. Switched the fronts in a couple of minutes The 4 rear screws are well rusted in Managed to get one out but the others........ Used mole grip pliers. All I've managed to achieve is the metal surround into which the screw goes now rotates...
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    W203 Rusted rear brake plates (dust cover). Spring problem

    Hello. My first post here :) Recently on my W203 C220 2002 year i started to hear some scratching noise from rear left wheel. I decided to open the wheel and to see what is the problem. If someone writes some working i prefer pictures so here are some from me : I realized that the...
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    Rusted Transmission cooler pipe W210 E300

    I have a oil leak/gush traced to a transmission cooler pipe running below the rad on a W210 E300, i have joined the 2 flexi cooler pipes to enable me to stay mobile, am i likely to have problems if i don't rush to change the metal cooler pipes and reconnect the cooler rad?:confused:
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    Rusted spring support and recommendation

    Last week my drivers side front spring top support parted company from the bodywork in the approved manner by rusting through. This forum provided much information about the common nature of this and made the solution reasonably painless. Mercedes were very helpful in sourcing the part...
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    Repairing rusted stone chips/scratches/scuffs

    Hi All, Hoping you can shed some light on this: I was quoted (ball park figure) of £800-900 to respray a lot of my Merc CLK, my girlfriend was quoted £1,500 to respray the rear quarter and bonnet of her A Class. The garage quoting £1500 stated that if any garage was quoting less than that...
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    Rusted wheel bolts

    Hi, I'm on onto my 3rd set of wheel bolts for my W203 C180! Has anyone used the Rust resistant bolts as mentioned by someone on this forum: Are these any good or are there better alternatives other than going back to MB? Thanks.
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    Rusted Screws?

    Hi all, I have a w211 eclass, and on the inside of the bootlid, there are 2 screws, which are rusted. What the best way of sorting this out? Do I need to replace them? thanks,
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