1. Bobby Dazzler

    Model specific RVM integrated OBD dashcams from Kammu

    Catchy title, eh? I can't believe I've not come across these before, but this website sells dashcams which integrate into the rear view mirror housing using a dedicated plastic moulding to replace the original trim. Interestingly it takes power from the OBD port, not just vehicle data...
  2. T

    W202 - facelift dimming RVM

    Hi guys, There's a lot of info about retrofitting the pre-facelft dimming rear view mirror (with red/green LEDs) out there, but not much on the same mod for facelift cars. From what I have seen, it's simply a case of finding a w202 (rare) or w210 (if you can live with limited trim colours)...
  3. MancMike

    Dimming RVM not dimming anymore

    Hi, I noticed my auto dimming rear view mirror doesn't dim anymore. It stays completely bright. My drivers mirror still dims fine, so it's not the sensor. The mirror visually looks fine, it's not leaked it's liquid or anything. Is this a known problem, or what should I check first...
  4. H

    CLK W208 dimming RVM

    Would anyone happen to know if there was a dimming RVM option for the C208 CLK Cabrio. I have the dimming mirror from the w202/w210 but its different, if they do exist does anyone have one for sale?
  5. noogieman

    WTB: Newer style RVM for w202

    looking for a rvm from newer cars w202 - w203 - w208 - w209 - w210. must fit w202. if you have a spare in black or orion grey let me know. 100% cosmetic condition comes with these options: autodim garage door button maplight/ambient ligt
  6. noogieman

    WTB: Newer style RVM for w202

    I wanna replace my autodim rvm with a newer style rvm from w203, clk208 or w210. Mine is black, but an orion grey is ok too if there's no blackie version available. Features I want this new rvm to have are: Autodim Garage door buttons Map lights or ambient light If you have a spare in...
  7. KillerHERTZ

    W202 Dimming RVM & Haynes Manual

    Plug & Play, fitted in 5mins. Also fits a W210 and W208: £20 + Postage Haynes Manual: £11 Delivered
  8. R

    Stupid R129 RVM with the remote locking sensor....

    Is there any way to fit a normal (pref auto dimming) unit and move / replace the IR receiver ??? The mirror is in need of replacement, the IR range is crap and it looks like it fell off a gerry anderson prop with its silly oversized LEDs... :roll eyes: Help.
  9. lordlee

    CLK Auto dimming RVM with Ambient lighting

    I am thinking of this for my next mod to finish the cabin after the chrome work went in over the weekend. Miss the ambient lighting of some of my previous cars. Will this work for the CLK - I think it should but just thought i'd see if anyone has currently doen this as yet? "I have only...
  10. Dave Richardson

    W203 Auto dimming RVM

    Could some one advise please ? I'm looking to replace my standard rvm in my 2002 220cdi coupe with an auto dimming one, I've found two for sale 1 with a part number A203 810 3317 1 with a part number A203 810 0217 Anyone know if these are interchangable ?:dk: thanks in anticpiation...
  11. Howard

    Retrofit Autodim RVM W208

    Had a look at the HOWTO's , but nothing for a w208 ... Has anyone done it ? Is it simple ?
  12. stevesey

    Garage Clearout - 202 Carbon Trim, Auto Dim RVM, Club Pedals

    Having a bit of a clearout: We have: 202 Carbon Trim - Heater Control Panel, Gearstick Sourround (4 window swicthws), Ashtray (without cig lighter), cubby hole cover. £3 a peice or £10 the lot. 202 facelift/208 Auto Dim RVM - Grey (looks fine in place of a back one on a 202. £15. Shiny...
  13. c13tay

    dimming rvm and illuminated sun visors

    Have a 1998 facelift c240 elegance which doesnt have either of the above has anyone got a list of the parts required to fit these ? thanks
  14. Spinal

    F/S: W202 Dimming Rear View Mirror

    I've got a RVM for a facelift W202; bought off MercMan a few years ago and never fitted as my car is pre-facelift. Comes without instructions as I managed to lose those... but still comes in the original box that Mercman sent it in :p Not sure what it's worth, so offers kindly accepted :)...
  15. H

    Auto Dimming RVM

    hey, I got an auto rvm but the mirror always remains dark unless the ignition is switched off or the gear is in reverse. Any ideas what the problem could be? cheers.
  16. TortureGarden

    Auto-Dimming RVM in CL203

    here's something i poster over on MBWorld and haven't had any responses. Any bites here? good afternoon folks. long-time lurker, first time poster (well, i tacked this question on to the end of another thread but i think that was a pretty stupid thing to do - didn't want to infringe). i have...
  17. A

    W202/W208/W210 AutoDimming RVM

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190290291371&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:GB:1123 Andy C.
  18. J

    W202 Pre facelift Auto Dimming RVM in black

  19. J

    W202 Black Auto dimming RVM

    This looks like it may be a black auto dimming RVM for a W202, it's not in perfect condition but it is a rare(ish) item. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Mercedes-C-E-Class-W210-W202-Mirror-Complete_W0QQitemZ200255366804QQihZ010QQcategoryZ10398QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1713.m153.l1262 I'm sure...
  20. Anil

    W211 Rvm

    I was in Holland this week and saw this in a W211 taxi. Apparently a €3,000 MB option. Anyone else in Amsterdam at the RAI centre this week?
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