1. tron

    Complete black s202 leather interior for sale

    Slight wear to driver's seat bolster. Estate, Sport model. Carpets and door cards £125, in Poole.
  2. tron

    A minor central locking problem (S202)

    The battery went unaccountably flat. It was disconnected, recharged and appears fine. The central locking opens with the remote and flashes its lights correctly. It locks the car fully but does not flash the indicators. The switch on the centre console does not lock the car. This is apparently...
  3. tron

    S202 tailgate.

    Looking for a tidy example for a restoration project. I am realistic enough to know I won't find a perfect one but I don't want a doily. Is there anything out there, please?
  4. tron

    S202: not the usual question...

    Does the tailgate of an S202 fit into an S202? I am hoping to buy one that is a little less biodegraded and want to bring it back to base!
  5. tron

    S202 leather interior

    Preferably grey, including rear side bolsters and door cards. Cash waiting, distance no object.
  6. tron

    S202 bits.

    Stuff bought in for my 250 TD estate that will not now be used:( Full 250TD EIS kit bought as a spare. 2 keys, steering lock, ecu. All you need. Front suspension lower arm bush kits (Febi Bilstein) Set of ATE front pads. Side and tailgate sunvisors. So Wirds Gemacht and Haynes BOL. Boot...
  7. poormansporsche

    S202 C280 - Interesting Colour

    1999 MERCEDES C280 SPORT AUTO GREY I really like this, not bad spec, shame the miles a bit high for me :)
  8. poormansporsche

    Prefacelift S202 C250

    Not too many of these about - STD anyone ? 1997 CLASSIC MERCEDES C250 SPORT TURBO DIESEL, OM605, 2 PREVIOUS OWNERS, FSH. | eBay :thumb:
  9. H

    Genuine Merc Roof Bars for C-Class S202 and S203 as well as E-class S210 and S211

    I have a set of genuine Mercedes Roof Bars purchased in error. Part number:B6 781 2123 Roof Rack Basic Carrier (for Wagon) From the research I have done they will fit a C-Class S202 and S203 as well as E-class S210 and S211. I can categorically state they do NOT fit an S204 :) Complete with...
  10. Koolvin

    C43 AMG S202 Project

    Last thread disaster : http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/mbclub-projects/178994-c43-wagon-project.html This project is now almost complete. I had the chance to finally drive the car for the second time since it was purchased on 2nd February 2014 :eek: Its first real drive was to BOTG 2014 and then...
  11. S

    My £250 s202

    Bought to do rust 2 rome rally . Car had to be under £500 on the road. So after sorting out the brakes and a couple of rust issues it passed it's mot no problem. Then i had to get it looking alright. Few pics of to how i bought it through the how it is now. Some of the rust...
  12. M

    S202 spare wheel retainer

    As the title says. Need the circular insert and the piece that it screws too that affixes to the bodywork please.
  13. M

    Softer suspension please s202

    I have an S202 with a set of H&R cup touring shocks and springs. It's great on good tarmac but the potholes in our roads are too much for it and the ride is too harsh. Can anyone recommend a combination to give a much softer ride please with part numbers.
  14. S

    S202 C180 / Staggered AMG wheels question

    Apologies if there are threads relating to this but I cannot find any - S202 C180 manual - want to put genuine staggered AMG wheels on it and lower the thing. Has anyone put 17" C/SLK 32 wheels on one, or even better, the 18" C55 wheels? Photos grabbed from eBay. Any help and photos...
  15. HarioH

    S202 C250TD - New bushes OEM or Poly?

    As above really, my wagon has 175k, do people have a good supplier of OEM bushes or have poly bushes been used reliable? IE not wearing out quickly which I've experienced before.. I suppose I'll have to make some bush extractor tools also..
  16. 1

    W208 front seat into s202?

    Does anyone know if the seats / runners will bolt in size wise? Or w210 seats fit? Front seat is not comfortable compared to W210 or w208
  17. 1

    S202 speaker upgrading recommedations

    As title really, i have noticed they are very shallow type speakers in the front as had the cover off. not checked rears. not looking for blow the doors off sound just these are a little tired from what my ears tell me.. would to just straight switch if possible. cheers Dan
  18. G

    S202 C-Class C250TD Estate Gearbox Part No.???

    I just bought the 1999 Mercedes-Benz C-Class S202.II C250 Turbo Diesel Estate Auto with no gearbox. I would like to buy a replacement gearbox(automatic gearbox) and the dealers are all asking me about the part number(supposedly to be on the side of the gearbox). Can some please advise on the...
  19. tron

    S202 250TD advice sought, please.

    1998 model first registered August 1998. Does my car (I haven't collected it yet) Have a cat? If it does, can I neuter it? If I can, should I? Thank you.
  20. M

    s202 C250TD front anti roll bar bushes ARB

    Hi, can someone with WIZ or EPC look up the correct front ARB's for the above vehicle please. There seem to be numerous I.D's due to different size bars and I am getting conflicting sizes when I look online. If you need the VIN just let me know thanks in advance, Matt
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