1. W

    S203 rear center headrest removal for anyone interested.

    Hi guys, I have posted on several forums without a single answer, so after much experimentation I have finally worked out how to remove the centre headrest. My car is a UK spec Mercedes c class c200 Avantgarde Kompressor 1998 cc 2001 year estate. The rear seat has 3 headrests, the 2 outside...
  2. C

    S203 wheels

    :dk: So first dumb question from a new Mercedes owner I have an 03 w203 estate I'm looking for 17" wheels,aftermarket retailers list wheels that I like and all is fine and dandy till I list mine as the estate then they tell me they won't fit I'm not married to the idea of aftermarket in...
  3. tron

    S203 bodywork.

    I am given to understand that a post 2003/Q2 built car is galvanised. so, firstly, is this true, secondly, is it effective? I would very much like my next car to be another Mercedes but I really do not want the experience souring with cancer of the coachwork. Were the post 2002 cars better or...
  4. T

    2007 S203 C220 CDI Sport Edition Estate

    Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI C Class Estate Sport Edition that Features Full Mercedes AMG Body Kit Turbo Diesel Metallic Silver with Full Black Leather 5 Speed Auto Gearbox with Paddle Shift 2007 '07' but Private Plate Included High Spec 106k Miles Long MOT (22.11.2017) Full service...
  5. K

    No Lock for a Key on Tailgate 2006 S203 C Class

    I have a problem ...going on a 24hr ferry ride to Spain and the inclination sensor/ tow-away sensor has to be deactivated. I press the button on the dash and the red light blinks once, get out the car after locking other THREE doors and lock the Drivers door with the mechanical key as said in...
  6. ndonaghy

    New C32 AMG owner - hi!

    Hello folks, I acquired a new-to-me C32 AMG (May 2002) Estate in Tektite Grey, with 107k miles on her. She is essentially stock and running very sweetly. The only things I've changed since purchase a month (and 1,000 miles) ago were to bin the Bose amp, speakers and Becker headunit and...
  7. S

    S203 new gear box

    Hi, I need to get a replacement auto gearbox for my s203 C200k 53 plate. Could anyone tell me which gearbox number i require? I have been told it is a 722.600 but i have seen lots of 722.(different variants) are any of these compatable and is there anything i need to take into account? can i...
  8. froggiegit

    Code p0101 maf sensor S203 2001

    Been getting an endless problem for about 18 months with the management light coming on and indicating P0101 and maf sensor problems I've changed that several times firstly with pattern ones and finally with a genuine one. Still the light comes on. Also changed the map sensor, the cam position...
  9. merc85

    s203 if only it was S/c

    If only it was Supercharged lol, Lovely looking car:rock: MERCEDES C55 V8 AMG ESTATE(05 54)SILVER TOP SPEC RARE ORIGINAL FAST CAR! BRISTOL | eBay
  10. T

    S203 2007 driver side wing mirror led

    It seems the LED in my side view mirror has gone! Best place to buy a replacement part and part number please? Many thanks
  11. D

    W203 S203 Glow plug change

    Finally got round to changing my glow plugs. Took them out and found MB use the BERU. Bought the Hidria version from ECP. Used a torque spanner and a 10mm deep socket. All was fairly easy thanks to MBCLUB. Tools used. The 2nd was harder cos of the wire and fuel line. I removed just the...
  12. F

    S203 reversing USB camera

    Hi All Does anybody know where I can lay my hands on a USB reversing camera that fits in place of a number plate light unit on a S203 Estate. Many thanks
  13. S

    S203 53 plate passenger front door lock fault

    Hi, when i lock my doors with the key fob all lock except for the front passenger door where the button bounces up and down quickly but more often than not stays up. Any ideas? thanks steve
  14. H

    Genuine Merc Roof Bars for C-Class S202 and S203 as well as E-class S210 and S211

    I have a set of genuine Mercedes Roof Bars purchased in error. Part number:B6 781 2123 Roof Rack Basic Carrier (for Wagon) From the research I have done they will fit a C-Class S202 and S203 as well as E-class S210 and S211. I can categorically state they do NOT fit an S204 :) Complete with...
  15. H

    Roof bars compatible with S203 and S204?

    Hi, I have just purchased some roof bars and a roof box for my S204 but apparently the bars are from an S203. Could anyone let me know if they'll fit or if they're different please? Many thanks in advance.
  16. MWCLS

    S203 drivers side folding mirror 2004 Model year.

    As title, complete unit * I only require the internals obviously if someone has one laying around I would purchase the complete unit. Needless to say it must fold! Thanks in advance Michaelwalsh151@gmail.com or PM.
  17. S

    S203 rear wheel arch rust repair

    There is evidence of rust on the leading edge of my rear wheel arches, so far only on the return lip and so i am going to have a go at repairing this myself. What is involved in removing the rear arch liners? I have all the necessary rust removal tools, some Kurust and top coat and lacquer plus...
  18. S

    S203 brake light switch

    I have a 53 plate S203 and trying to locate the brake light switch to change it. I have watched some Youtube vids but they are for different vehicles and the brake light switch on mine seems to be harder to locate. Does anyone with a similar vehicle know its exact location please and what do i...
  19. cws196

    S203 front end suspension 'flutter'

    Noticed for the first time, yesterday, on my '56 plate S203 (Sport) the front end felt loose, almost a like 'flutter' sensation when going in to corners at low speed on back roads (ie not that smooth a surface!). I could also detect an occasional very slight knocking from the front. In the...
  20. C

    W203 suspension items

    Morning guys, I had the following MOT advisory, which arm would this refer to? Right front lower (forward) suspension arm ball joint. Also; Rear antiroll bar has play in pin/bush - Is that droplink replacement time? Thanks guys
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