1. clk320x

    20 min left.. S320CDI £5k bid

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182594591741 Bidding at £5k , 06 S class, 120k miles
  2. S

    W221 s320cdi

    Hi all, ive got my heart set on buying a w221 s320 cdi. I have test drove 3 and love the drive However ive been reading up and there are some horror stories about the crankshaft bearing getting noisy after oil changes. Also the 7g box? This is all new to me. Ive had a few mercs but older...
  3. BKM

    2004 s320cdi

    Hi all, Couldn't resist a temptation and have just bought myself a Xmas gift - a silver w220:bannana: A few minor bits needed attention as they do with cars that age but overall what a CAR!! I can't stop smiling everytime I think of driving it. Having previously owned W123 (first car ever) and...
  4. S

    w221 S320cdi white/blue smelly smoke / poor fuel economy

    Hi Guys, I've had my S class for about a year now and have noticed from the start there is substantial white smoke on cold starts or when sitting in traffic. The smoke stinks and I can only imagine it is diesel which isn't being burned. I know from the previous owner that the car had the...
  5. K

    Low mileage W221 S320cdi with Brabus Upgrades

    I'm selling my S Class to get back into something from Audi with Quattro. 2008 (08) Brabus specification S320 CDI in special edition Designo Mystic Blue and Designo Linen leather interior. This low mileage vehicle comes fitted with the Brabus D6 engine management chip increasing power and...
  6. S

    S320CDI 56 plate permanently in Limp Mode

    Hi, A few days ago the yellow coloured "Engine" light came on with no text messages on the display. At that time did not affect the performance. For the following couple of days that light was off and the car was OK. Today the light was on again, the car was fine for about 30 minutes and then...
  7. K

    2008 S320cdi glow plug relay change

    Had my car for a couple of months now. Ever since I had it, the glow plug warning light used to come on for a few minutes after I started the engine from cold. Also, when the temperature dropped to below 5c, it took a good while to start. More recently, I changed all 6 glow plugs but the...
  8. L

    Wanted: W221 S320CDi 2007 onwards

    Hello, I am looking to buy W221 S320 CDi mileage up to 80k please let me know if you interested to sell yours... cash is waiting, I just sold CLS320 but can't find any interesting S320. Kind regards Michal P.S. You can email me also on s320@constans.uk
  9. E

    Faulty reversing camera on S320CDI 2006

    When I select reverse the Command screen flickers and resumes its previous picture. When I next select drive the screen goes black and there is a wording on the bottom left. When I press select the screen returns to its normal display. Do I need to replace the factory fitted camera or is it...
  10. C

    HELP!!! W221 2008 s320cdi sudden Hard Ride

    Hi Ive got a problem with my 2008 S320 cdi LWB with sudden hard ride Ive recently got the anti roll bar links changed and lower rear track control arms after changing all of these parts couple of days in noticed hard ride as if the car is stuck in S Mode Ive had the car on Autologic Diagnostic...
  11. B

    EGR sensor w221 2008 s320cdi

    Hi All. Looking for part number 00005320C5. Does anyone have one or suggest the best place to buy, other than Main Stealers? Thanks. :thumb: PS are these a common part to all diesels or they specific to the Class and engine size?
  12. G

    2008 S320cdi fault codes

    Got a 2008 S320cdi v6 come in today. Glow plug light on. Codes are 2661 2113 3019 3021 The only problems the car has is the glow plug light comes on & when you start the car it cuts out straight away & is fine the 2nd time you start it, every time. Can someone explain what the...
  13. B

    Starting problem s320cdi

    Hi all, I hope someone can help!!!!!! I have a s class 320cdi 2007 I have owned it for 18 months it had an engine rebuild 10000 miles ago, it had a new starter motor at the same time, no problems since until about a week ago, the car didn't want to change gear I tried to change from comfort...
  14. S

    W220 S320CDi turbo issue

    After pulling out the head with broken glow plug the turbo on my car doesn`t work very well. Everything was ok before the job. What could cause that problem? Car pulls well, drops the gears quick, but there is no turbo or turbo works not good enough. I can`t even hear turbo.
  15. Borys

    2007 s320cdi excesive smoke on warm up

    Guys, Have this car not even a week. I'll try to explain. When car is cold, on warm up - just around 40-50 degrees it starts to smoke badly, literally like a locomotive. That lasts not even a minute then stops to smoke totally. Not even a cloud of smoke, I can floor it whatever I do when warm...
  16. G

    2008 S320cdi fault codes

    Mercedes S320cdi engine management light on. Got fault codes; 2113 3021 3017 3019 What do these mean please?
  17. D

    Air suspension and auto level for s320cdi 2007

    Hi, I require refurbished parts for fixing the air suspension and the auto level for the s320 cdi. Thanks, Divesh Nath.
  18. L

    What is this - 2001 w220 s320cdi

    Hi All I've finally had the no.6 injector changed on my 2001 s320 cdi, so fingers crossed my starting problems are over. whilst I had the engine cover off I was looking around the engine trying to familiarize myself with a diesel engine, and noted a large 'canister' type part between the...
  19. A

    Best way to Jump start w220 s320cdi 2002

    Hi, I have read numerous posts regarding flat batteries and the dreaded battery drain fault, unfortunately I seem to have developed the same problem. Currently my battery is totally flat I can't even turn the key in the ignition. Should I remove my battery from the car and charge it, get...
  20. H

    mercedes s320cdi (2005) egr help!!!!

    hi all I'm new to this.. but desperately need help. I've got a egr fault code, i get epc message on the dash I've taken the egr off gave it a good clean sand cleared the fault code, car drives luvly, when i drive around no fault code i bring the car home the fault same fault comes back epc...
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