1. S

    S320L - W220 - Autobox problem

    hi all the mercedes has started to not change gear. It will clear after re-starting the car between 1 and 3 times. What can cause this ? Thanks
  2. S

    S320L - W220 - Alarm Problem

    Hi all Today I took the dog in the Mersedes. But when I left him and locked the doors, he triggered the alarm. Is there anyway to disable the interior sensor, when he is in ? :dk: Its a factory fit alarm, with tow away switch Thanks
  3. S

    S320l- w220 -m112-Bonnet Sensor

    Hi all, In the the speedo unit a system warning came up, saying that the bonnet was open. But its not, had it checked and they said it was the bonnet sensor. Got an other one and fitted, but the error still comes up. The sensor i changed was one of the front catches that has the micro switch...
  4. S

    S320l- w220 -m112- lpg

    Good afternoon, A few months ago, I was given a 2002 S Class W220. great car. But now looking to put LPG on. Its a M112 V6 Can anyone give me advice, what type, best place or is it worth it ? :dk: Thanks John
  5. M

    2007(57) mercedes s320l cdi saloon 3.0 v6 diesel automatic tanzanite blue lwb

    Full Details 2007(57) MERCEDES S320L CDI SALOON 3.0 V6 DIESEL AUTOMATIC BLUE LWB - Mercland Mercedes S320L CDI Saloon Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 4th September 2007 – 57 Reg • Two Owners Only & Supplied By Us to Last Owner • 92,018 miles only with Full...
  6. clarea

    Got my first Merc - an S320L

    Hi, I have just got my first ever Mercedes - a lovely silver S320L :D My dad has always loved mercs. He was ill this year and we talked about getting an S class so that I could drive him around in comfort. He passed away much too young a few weeks ago and I went straight out and bought him...
  7. ScottHarry

    S320L CDI W221 Water & Oil leak 2007 72k

    Hi, I’ve noticed two small water leaks side by side on the driveway which both left a small trail when I reversed. The pic shows the stood and reversed water. On raising the hood I found an oil leak to the LHS of the engine with some oil behind the LHS of the radiator and then some leading...
  8. G

    W221 S320L Cdi

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to buy a W221 S320L cdi. I've driven one of these (pre-facelift) and was impressed with everything about the car. I have around 12-13k to spend so will be looking for a 07 plate Limo variant as I love the fact it has rear reclining heated seats! Anyway what are...
  9. P

    2001, W220, S320L, S CLASS, front suspension creaking

    Hi more problems with the German,I have had for a little while now a small squeak on occasions from suspension over bumps but over Easter break noise became a creak and could be heard when car had been used getting in and out of car and turning steering when car was stationary on investigation...
  10. P

    W220 s320l 2001my airmatic pump overhaul advice

    I am going to remove the airmatic compressor of my S class and overhaul it as it looks as if it it is a bit tired in operation, has any body done this or have instruction of a reseal kit purchased recently ??? would be interest in looking at it before removing mine, these are the things i...
  11. P

    s320l, w220, 2001 my, where is engine cooling fan control module located ???

    Hi i have had problems with my cooling fan recently that has got me looking for the main units that control it but i can not find the fan control module can anyone that does know where it is please let me know ?????
  12. M

    S320L CDI or SE?

    Hi, after 18 months of good times in my E220 its time for a change. I am looking at 2005/2006 age but have seen a couple of SE models but do not know what this adds to the'standard' model? Can anyone advise please!
  13. neilz

    My W140 S320L

    2 Months after applying GTechniq products to it. Only been washed twice since application, both times just with water (well, this time I also added more C3 spray wax)
  14. N

    1998-99 W140 S320L (or Business Edition)

    Hello all, I'm looking for a late model 1998 (R) - 1999 (T) post facelift long wheel base S320. The ideal car would have: - Less than 90k on the clock with FSH (not necessarily 100% dealership) - Some MOT and Tax (so I can drive it away!) - All electrics must work - No previous accident...
  15. neilz

    New car! '97 W140 E320L

    New car! '97 W140 S320L As perfect as the engine was (and not much else) in my 124 Coupe, I needed something a bit bigger so when the friendly owner of the garage I always use told me he'd got a car he bought for its private plate and never used I got a bit excited. Listed my coupe, sold...
  16. P

    2001, w220, s320l fan noise behind dash panel

    Hi, has anyone heard a fan running noise from behind dash panel it appears to come from n/s dash panel with heater off any pointer before i get into investigating it ????
  17. C

    S320L (W220) Wheel & Tyre questions

    Hi. Just purchased my first ever Mercedes-Benz, a 2005 (55 reg) S320L (long wheel base) this week and would like to replace the original 16" alloys with a set of 18" AMG replica's (eBay item no. 120573000112). The seller says they will fit my car fine despite being 18 x 8.5 front and rear as...
  18. tromppost

    W220 S320l 2001

    This looks like good value? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/S320-L-1-OWNER-40-362m-MERCEDES-FSH-120-PICTURES-S-320_W0QQitemZ270206989253QQihZ017QQcategoryZ9855QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  19. design guru

    W140 S320L No Heating

    I have recently replaced the radiator on my S320L and the air circulation is fine but there is no hot air coming from the front only the rear heaters give hot air(separate heater). I have checked the pipes in the engine and they seem to heat up. The centre vents on the dash seem blocked as no...
  20. design guru

    W140 S320L Heating

    I recently replaced a leaking radiator on my S320L, its a 1995 model which does not give out hot air when the heating is on, even when the car has been warmed up the air is stone cold. Is there any obvious reasons or causes for this, I am going to replace the thermostat but just wondered if...
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