1. A

    W220 - S430, S500 or S600 Front brake callipers.

    Hi, does anyone have or know where I can get a pair of W220 S430, S500 or S600 Front brake callipers? Don't have the part number for the bracket, but the callipers are marked brembo - 20.7047.03 and 20.7047.04 Thanks. Jay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. D

    Mercedes w220 s430 1999 drivers door totaly dead

    Hi, ive read that this is common for the top section of the door module to fail on the w220 ie, the seat functions, mirrors in/out and adjust, memory, heated seats, but ive got all functions gone, including all electric windows x 4 and the boot release and soft close. I parked the car up one...
  3. D

    S430 - Audio 10 Aftermarket Stereo?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and new to the Mercedes cars as well. I just bought an S430 on a 2000 Reg (1 owner with 57k) and so far I'm loving this car! However I'm not impressed with this audio 10 stereo, .... Is there any place where I can buy the wooden bezel to fit an aftermarket stereo, or...
  4. D

    My Mercedes S430

    Hello all, ... Just joined here and just bought this car yesterday ;-)
  5. D

    upgrade w220 s430 1999 radio unit

    i want to try and upgrade my radio to digital and also the satnav along with Bluetooth, phone, and DVD etc etc, ive seen this but i see it states that my style is the s500 Mercedes but i have a 1999 s430 but that's shown as a later model, i would like to have the later 2002 model unit upgrade...
  6. D

    Mercedes s430 central locking pump

    Hi, i asked a question regarding what pipe went where but it looked like it was something no one had ever encountered before, so i did some research and came up with this and decided to do two small videos on it to help others, it also helps you to find any leaks or at least narrow down where to...
  7. D

    s430 central locking air box

    Hello everyone, im new on here with a car i just got that had central locking problems, the pump would spin ok then start to run very slow, i brought a replacement complete unit with identical matching code numbers, We marked the air pipes so not to get them mixed up on reconnection, but sadly...
  8. adile220

    1995 s430 issues

    Hi all, Am visiting family in Tampa FL- father in law has picked up a s430 with a few issues. Beautiful bit of kit that needs a bit of tlc to become its old desirable self again! Im hoping being part of this benz community I could get some insights into the car and common issues - at the...
  9. V8Rumble

    Telephone in an S430 W220

    I have the dreaded battery drain and have got hold of a WIS but before I start having to take trim off to disconnect plugs etc I thought I would disconnect the telephone as it is a known culprit. I have took the command unit out and still have a drain. So my question is where is the connector...
  10. V8Rumble

    Diagnostic socket S430

    Started the S430 today and as I was driving it felt like it was only firing on four cylinders but picked up at 3/4 throttle, After stopping and restarting all was okay which I put down to the rain and damp(old school I know) so my question is where is the diagnostic socket so I can check any...
  11. V8Rumble

    S430 heater blower

    I have an S430 200plate and the blower makes a slight squeaking noise at times. Can anyone tell me where the blower is and how I access it to lubricate/clean it please?
  12. S

    2003 S430 - Carsoft v12 No Comm with SRS Module

    Hi SRS light is on with message on Instrument Cluster "SRS system defective, see dealer". Tried reading codes with Carsoft v12 (Belgium Purchased version) and module does not respond. All other modules in car communicate ok. Also tried with snap-on Mt2500 with 2003 Mercedes module, same no...
  13. wweekes

    2005 S430 transmission wint shift

    I have a 2005 s430 transmission wont shift past 1st gear. I pulled the computer and is flooded with trans fluid. How did this happen? Im assuming the trans computer is shot. Can i just but a used one?? What can i do?
  14. C

    S430 Buying

    Hi guys, I'm new so please be gentle. I have read up quite a bit on the S Class and potential issues surrounding a number of things but have a few unanswered questions.. I have today been to look at a 1999 S430 L. Its in ok condition for its ages but is suffering with the rust on rear...
  15. 8

    Cheepet S class S430 Ive ever sean

    S430 V8 very cheep eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Lot of car for the money
  16. U

    S430 W220 won't crank. Help Please

    Hi guys, I made first contact with one of my neighbours this morning. He has a recently acquired and very nice 2000 S430...recently serviced and running fine until this morning. The key inserts, the dash display works, turn the key and there's just a slightest 'clunk' from the starter...
  17. abecketts


    The chrome wheel arches are just.... Photo quality is poor or purposefully poor seller could have cleaned out the door pocket as well Just down the road from me, have seen the car I think the owner runs a kebab van on an industrial estate in Melksham or chooses to park next to it...
  18. tpwuk

    Cheap S430

    MERCEDES S430L AUTO - LOW RESERVE - BARGAIN!!! on eBay (end time 21-Nov-10 18:04:57 GMT)
  19. L

    w220 s430 brake question

    so well. i have a "Brake pad visit workshop" comunicate on my dash. bought the pads for the front and back. as i checked the back ones are gone. so i change them. but the malfunction didnt disapear. a have a cable to connect it to my pc. and some programs to check the faults. but it doesnt...
  20. jonnyboy

    my lovely s430 lwb for quick (may consider cheap p/ex)

    She's a 2000w s430 lwb. Chalcedony blue with black leather. 65k historied miles, my father in law bought it new and we took it from him so two owners inc. us. It has almost every option there was:- Climate front and rear Sunroof Distronic Heated and cooled front and rear electric seats Rear...
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