1. T

    2002 s600

    So what do you think this left hooker would fetch in the UK. 2002 Mercedes S600 V-12, won't start, mechanic's special ONLY - $3850 About 2900 Quid! https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/2002-mercedes-swont-start/6271503614.html Tuercas Viejas

    S600 Grand Edition

    Bad day to come to london to go car viewing, Chelsea and Spurs at wembley and the sad death on the north circular of a lady driver. yesterday. Saw the Lexus, while the car was good, was a City car used for chauffeuring from A to B occasionally, the reason for the low milage. The wife said not...
  3. A

    W220 - S430, S500 or S600 Front brake callipers.

    Hi, does anyone have or know where I can get a pair of W220 S430, S500 or S600 Front brake callipers? Don't have the part number for the bracket, but the callipers are marked brembo - 20.7047.03 and 20.7047.04 Thanks. Jay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. C

    S600 (w220) starter jammed! Any advice?

    Hello, I'm hoping that some knowledgeable soul might be able to offer some advice...? Drive my car today 1.5miles to local post office ten minutes later came back out to the car and it wouldn't start, I can hear the solenoid click into place but that's it. RAC have been out to the car...
  5. L

    W221 S600 Remap

    Hi all, I joined a few years ago after buying a second hand W211 E320 CDI, I thought it was a great car but it started developing several problems so I traded it in for a W221 S600 a couple years ago. The S600 puts a smile on my face every time I drive it and aside from a few small issues...
  6. KillerHERTZ

    Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard

    Mercedes-Maybach is introducing the S600 Guard which is the first passenger car to offer a VR10 ballistic protection level. It may look like a regular S600 in Maybach guise, but hiding underneath the familiar skin is a significantly modified car as the stretched fullsize sedan is actually...
  7. merc85

    s600 a honest seller

    Tbf the chap has been very straight, shame there not all like that. 2003 Mercedes S600 5.5 V12 Bi Turbo - Please read description carefully. Repairs | eBay
  8. J19 HWS

    S600 W220 misfire when NOT driving

    If I try revving the engine whilst standing still it will not rev above 2300 -2500 rpm without trying to cut out, when I'm driving there's not a single problem with it, idling is smooth and when on the road I can floor it and doesn't miss a beat no loss of power, any ideas anyone?
  9. K

    2002 W220 S500 vs S600 interior

    Does anyone know if there is any difference between the 500 & 600 interior trim apart from what I can see.... which is in the rear the ash trays are wooden as is the rear arm rest cup holders facia & rear seats are a different design.
  10. C

    W140 S600 Heating issue

    Hi All The drivers side of my heating doesn't get warm at all, windscreen, side vent and footwell remain cold....the left side is fine? I have gone through the diagnostics on the heater unit and it shows no errors? Any ideas? Thanks Steve
  11. T

    Wanted: W140 S600

    Good afternoon, I'm looking for a (hopefully) decent W140 S600. One of the later facelift models would be preferable but I'm open to the earlier one as well. Ideally would like to have it next week as it's a surprise birthday gift for a friend. If anybody knows of one or is considering...
  12. RyanTheSeaOtter

    S600 Coupe - Speedometer issues...HELP!

    Hi all, Firstly if this is posted in the wrong section...sorry. I have a 1994 S600 and last night collect her from my local specialist. I stomached up £844.16 getting a lovely N10 relay fitted to fix my window wipers and indicators (to pass her MOT) and had hoped this would fix the...
  13. J19 HWS

    W220 S600 ABC SUSPENSION 2000 model

    Hi Anyone got a NSR ABC Suspension leg in good serviceable condition, need one at a reasonable cost, can collect (Essex) or arrange courier Thanks guys
  14. D

    W221 2006 S600 rear entertainment system remote control

    Recently purchased a low mileage S600 which I may regret. I will let you know. It has a factory fitted rear entertainment system and after much frustration I realised you can only change the TV channels etc in the rear with a remote control. I purchase a genuine Mercedes rear remote part number...
  15. RyanTheSeaOtter

    S600 Coupe (W140) new wheels before and after

    Hi all, I am now entering day 8 since collecting my S600 - best car I've ever had! She came to me with the horrible '8 hole' wheels and to make things even better no locking wheel nut key either. Wheel nuts drilled off Friday and new wheels fitted today. The rears are 9.5j and the...
  16. RyanTheSeaOtter

    Exhaust Ideas for S600 (W140) Coupe?

    Hi all, I'm the new owner of a much loved S600 (day 3 :bannana:) wheels and tyres are sorted (can't fit yet...no locking wheel nut key! :wallbash:) now I just need to sort the exhaust and she'll be my dream car. I will be using my local custom exhaust shop who I trust and have used before...
  17. RyanTheSeaOtter

    New Alloys for my S600 (W140) Coupe

    Hi all, My new alloy and tyre combo to replace the ugly old '8 holes' my car came with. They are from a 2010 S600 (W221) The wheel and tyre specs are - Front alloy wheel 18x8.5" ET43 Front tyre 255/45/18 Rear alloy wheel 18x9.5" ET43 Rear tyre 275/45/18 Originally I wanted a...
  18. RyanTheSeaOtter

    New member - proud owner of S600 Coupe (W140)

    Hi all, I purchased the S600 last week on eBay and collected the beast last night - this is the second Mercedes I've had. 11 years ago I had a 300CE Coupe (W124) and being only 19 at the time promptly wrote her off! Up until last night every car I've had since (Audi S5, BMW M3 even a...
  19. RyanTheSeaOtter

    Will W221 alloys fit my S600 W140 Coupe?

    Hi all, I am the new very proud owner of a lovely 1994 S600 Coupe, unfortunately at the moment she is rocking the very old looking 8 hole alloys on a 16" tyre - not my cup of tea! Last night I purchased a set of 18" wheels from a 2010 W221 S600 the wheel specs are - Front alloy wheels...
  20. ringway

    Ex-Casino Royale S600?

    S600 V12 on ebay. LINK. I can't find the car as being used on Casino Royale. LINK.
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