1. Conquistador

    W221 S65 AMG Black Edition

    Yes that's right, the Black Edition don't you know. mercedes benz s class S500L 7G Tronic (S65 Black edition) | eBay Definitely a box ticker! Shame it's been desecrated because it's actually a decent spec. Pano roof, massage rear seats, infrared glass...
  2. P

    Wanted s65 w221

    Hi Guys I am hoping to find a facelifted s65 w221 in an ideal world with a mercedes benz warranty (not a deal breaker if it doesn't). Relaxed about spec I know I can't be too choosy given build numbers. I wondered if anyone could point me in the correct direction, its for me and my...
  3. CarlPea

    OEM W222 S63 S65 W217 W218 CLS E63 S W212 AMG Front Brakes Pads

    Seem pretty reasonable for OEM! Brake Pads Mercedes-Benz W222 S63 S65 W217 W218 CLS E63 S W212 AMG | eBay
  4. B

    Wanted s65 w221

    Hi Guys, On the lookout for a W221 S65 - Cash waiting. Cheers, Brad
  5. Gurd63

    S65 AMG W221 Facelift

    I've fancied one of these for a long time! W221 S65 AMG (facelift model) Any colour Low'ish milage Low owners ect Been looking for the past month with not much luck. Regards

    Mercedes S65 AMG W221 , W216

    Parts came from Mercedes w221 S65 AMG , but may fit on standard W221 or w216 , I've got part numbers just in case. email- viskints84@gmail.com Nr- 07444965033 1. Front right shock absorber - 450£ ONO 2. Front Valve block unit- 300£ ono 3. Another front valve block but from...
  7. B

    S65 amg

    S65 AMG The beast of the AMG range 2006 car for sale. Stunning My head says NO about 100 times as the reviews say don't go there. Too many things to go wrong My heart says YES just for the experience plus I'd drive it 2000 or 3000 miles pa What a car to have ....
  8. smoothcoupe

    Changing from E55k to w221 s65 biturbo advice.

    Hi all. I'm thinking of changing my 2004 E55 with 80k for a 2008 S65 with 97k. There isn't much info out there on the s65, I am possibly going to do the deal depending on my findings. Obviously I know it's not a cheap car to maintain however does anyone know of any common faults and general...
  9. B

    S65 vs XJR

    Hi All, I am quite keen a purchasing a S65 w221 and have been reading up a lot about it one other car I have shortlisted is the Jaguar XJ R. One is v 12 and other is v8. Completely different engines I know but wanted to know anyone who has the chance to drive both cars and share thier...
  10. B

    S65 wanted!!!!

    HI, I am looking for a prev generation(w221) S65. Need one maintained by a MB fan and i am scared to go to an independent as too many out there who don't what they are selling..Please PM with details if you have one for sale
  11. KillerHERTZ

    S65 AMG Cabriolet V12

    Mercedes-AMG is proud to introduce the V12-powered S65 Cabriolet, representing the latest member to join the ever growing S-Class family. Despite the ongoing downsizing trend, Daimler isn’t willing to let the massive V12 go and the company will actually boost production of the 6.0-liter unit...
  12. merc85

    itv4 fifth gear merc s65 now

    Merc s65 vs jag
  13. C

    65 Plate S65 AMG

    At My local dealership today, I came across this intriguing machine...
  14. abecketts


    http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/262054433511 Was it really £178k new?
  15. JamesRan

    S65 AMG - Sold

    Today was a sad day. The car is now sold. It was my dream car for the best part of 10 years. The reasons for selling: 1. I live in South London and to get anywhere to open it up is a long drive and sitting in traffic 2. I have only driven it once a week on average for the last year, and...
  16. JamesRan

    S65 msl

    Hi All Took the drive upto Birmingham last week, to get the car mapped at MSL. It made: 640 BHP 798 lb ft torque Apparently it would have made 650+BHP if the engine wasn't so hot! Really impressed, and slightly scared, with the torque figure. Not sure that's legal :D
  17. The _Don

    Can Mercedes GLA 45 AMG Out-Sprint The S65 AMG Coupe?

  18. KillerHERTZ

    S65 AMG Coupe - Evo Leaderboard

    9eSLqiKgbpU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eSLqiKgbpU
  19. B

    W221 S65 Needs something more

    Hi . Had a 2010 s65 for a couple of months now. This replaced 3 Maserati`s the last a 2006 quattroporte. Whilst a day never seemed to go passed without some warning light or other coming on it was a real sense of occasion to drive the noise of the Ferrari V8 was fantastic just like an old F1car...
  20. JamesRan

    New member, hi!

    I all, excited to be here! I purchased a W220 S65 late last year, and love it!
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