1. S

    Winter Shed - Saab 9-3

    Ideal winter shed (even though it's nowhere near winter)! My 9-3 is up for sale having owned it almost exactly 2 years ago. Current mileage 153207. It is very reliable having spent a great deal of money on it in my ownership. Just MOT'd (no advisories) and serviced this May around 1 month...
  2. M

    SAAB 9-3 Turbo Cabrio

    Silver, black leather. Climate, alloys, electric roof, alarm. Need the space as the wife's new toy is sat at the end of the drive tapping it's feet impatiently. Mechanically excellent, has the very tuneable "Red Top" engine, (up to 350bhp reliably, apparently) currently on SORN, no MOT. Has...
  3. Alex225

    Goodbye Saab 9-3, hello E-Class...

    Well it's time to say goodbye to my Saab 9-3 after a fairly short ownership. The car is actually very very good, looks great, drives well and is ridiculously economical.... I can't justify the change massively other than that I fancied a Merc as a daily and found the Saab so useful I was...
  4. jonnyboy

    Saab 9-3 convertible for sale

    Saab 9-3 convertible for sale As per title we need to sell our 9-3 convertible. It's a reluctant sale but we've been offered a replacement that whilst we didn't really want it, the situation is one where we can't really turn it down. So:- 2006/06 vector 5 speed automatic 102k miles 1.8...
  5. grober

    SAAB 9-3 the return?

    News that Turkey has bought the design rights [ BUT NOT THE NAME ]to the SAAB 9-3. Cars to be manufactured in Turkey with a different front end. Turkey buys SAAB 9-3 rights
  6. jonnyboy

    Thinking of a late c70 or Saab 9-3 diesel convertible

    Gents At some juncture during the next 12 months or so I will be having a fleet re-hash. For reference Mrs JB has an auto licence. Currently running:- 2010 Galaxy 2.0T auto which has been superb for 5 years 2006 Saab 9-3 convertible 1.8t auto which now needs a gearbox 2005 Mitsi L200 auto...
  7. Red C220

    2003 SAAB 9-3 Saloon 2.0T Petrol Auto For Sale

    I bought this car for my parents about 18 months ago from a dealer for £2,500. At the time it was a one owner car that had been traded in. It was very honest, had for matching Continental tyres and around 80,000 miles on it. My father has been battling cancer for 17 years and it's finally...
  8. D

    SAAB - An Apology

    I'd always viewed SAABs from afar, chuckling at their owners driving Vauxhall Cavaliers in drag and in doing so I made the fatal error that so many other know-it-alls make; having an opinion on a car I'd never owned, only having hearsay on which to base my views. Having got rid of that piece of...
  9. tali

    Merc blinged up by .........Saab

    Dazzling display from bling king of the road « Express & Star:D
  10. mymini007

    2008 Saab Convertivle

    For sale is my sisters in laws saab, 1.9 ttid 77000 on the clock. Heated seats Power hood Air con Full service history Full black leather Its a stunning looking car but I will let the pictures show you that :D Looking for £7750 ono
  11. The Boss

    Saab are back

    New Saab 9-3 unveiled | 3 | Auto Express I am pretty chuffed about reading this!
  12. Seamster15

    Saab restart production

    Restart production on Monday apparently. Saab to restart 9-3 sedan production two years after bankruptcy | Reuters
  13. chubbs111

    saab estate for swap

    i have a 2007 saab vector sport estate 1.9tid,red,6speed manual,142000,cambelt and waterpump replaced approx 3 months ago,new matching tyres all round,new discs and pads all round,lots of extras inc cruise,rear reversing sensors,6 disc in dash,half leather, drivers seat has a small tear,drives...
  14. M

    Ex Saab owner

    Hi everybody. After eleven years of owning a Saab 2.3t 9000 which I loved apart from the occasional electrical problem, I have bought an facelift e280 estate, my first Benz. Previously car to the Saab was a BMW 523. First impressions of the Merc are - very smooth auto box - pretty good...
  15. BaldGuy

    2003 Saab 93 SE 2.0T Convertible

    2003 Saab 93 SE Convertible.... it's had one family owner Mum and daughter.... 44k miles, full history, Champagne colour with cream leather, New front tyres, new front pads and discs, fresh MOT, taxed, wind deflector, only used locally within the village...very presentable cheap convertible for...
  16. grober

    Last SAAB's auctioned off

    Last chance to buy a new SAAB as remaining vehicles are auctioned off in the next few days. Quite few SAAB 9-4 X SUV type vehicle mainly LHD US spec so might need type approval for the UK/Europe...
  17. mymini007

    Saab 2.2 Tid

    My 2.2 95 is for sale, I have had 3 good years out of it, now currently running 155000 miles, this will increase until my new car is delivered. It has 11 months mot, Its just had all new brakes, pads, discs, hoses, and 4 new tyres Its been serviced regularly, I recently had the gearbox...
  18. bigjim

    Saab 9-5 2.2 TID VECTOR 5DR AUTO

    Anyone with any experience of these? I'm looking for a daily runner which has a bit of space and can tow loads to the tip (general domestic waste). Preferably under 2k. The one I'm interested in is 2004 with 147k on the clock. Cooments welcome.
  19. chubbs111

    ref saab 95

    hope this is in the right section is there anyone clued up on saabs started up this morning and engine warning light came on is there anyway to read codes other than dealer ie pedal test
  20. M

    SAAB 93 - 2.2 TiD manual - £990 ovno

    Hi chaps, My best friend is selling his 2002 SAAB 93. It is a SE model with all the spec you may need. Leather seats. Great colour combo. Sport 17" wheels with good tyres. A little bit of rust on the rear arches, alpine head unit and 170K on the clock. You can have this great looking...
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