1. S

    New to forum with 08 sprinter 311 sadly has water pump leak allready

    New to forum. Hi everyone. Joined here so I can hopefully get help with changing water pump on my van. It's got a weapy water pump. Do I need to remove the front end or can I unbolt viscous fan?
  2. DSLiverpool

    Got to sell the CL sadly - none MB replacement

    Well after 5 months and a few thousand mies I have to admit 2 doors are a pain for a daily driver and it has to go. I've sold it to a pal for £12k, it cost £12,650 and I've spent £800 on two tyres and a check over with some trim replaced with brand new trim. Car returned 26 mpg overall and...
  3. MERC CLK 230 K

    Dead sadly

    Poor clks
  4. S

    Apples and pears but not cider sadly

    Evening Ladies and Gents, Today I have had an utterly splendid day out. My cousin decided it was time for him to change cars. He had a 318d which was a rather nice car actually, if slow, but very frugal and for a 4pot diesel refined. We'll not mention the 1 grand of warranty work in 2 months...
  5. M

    New car advise (sadly not a mercedes )

    Hi All, Need some help and advice on a second car. The wife has just passed her driving test so we're on the lookout for a runaround for her. My budget is 6K. Cannot go over this. We were looking at nissan micra's (around 55 reg, auto):ban:. Does anyone here have any experience on these cars...
  6. 280gee

    Knock knock - who's there?... Sadly it's my engine.

    A while back I bought a pretty good E320 CDI 2002 and loved it. The car now has 108,000M on the clock. A knock from the engine started recently and I think suddenly, (I wasn't driving it at the time and SWMBO probably didn't hear it at first over the industrial metal music :-) So maybe I could...
  7. television

    Sadly I have to go away for 2 weeks

    Come Sat morning I will be on my way to Thailand for 2 weeks, I will miss you guys and the forum so much, but life must go on. Your friendship means so much and thank you for that :)
  8. robgosty

    S500 sadly for sale

    Sad day, but its got to go P reg 113k all the toys, 1997 MERCEDES-BENZ S500 Auto, P reg. Blue metallic, 113k, FSH, memory seats, soft close doors, folding mirrors, body coloured bumpers, climate control, leather, PAS, RHR, RCL, ESR, CD, alloys, cruise, front/side airbags, EW, heated seats...
  9. V

    1988 W124 300D sadly for sale

    Without going over old ground, my new job has put me in a position where I need to sell my beloved W124 300D :( Spec on the car is as follows; 1988, Diamond Blue Metallic, 3 previous owners, 147,000 miles (just run-in for one of these big diesels!! :D ), auto, air-con (nice and cold)...
  10. M

    E430 Avantgarde 1999, sadly has to go!

    Is anyone interested in buying my beloved V8. It's in Violane metallic with full light grey leather interior. It has air conditioning, passenger and driver climate control (both digital), ABS, traction control(switchable), electronic stability control, folding heated wing mirrors, auto dimming...
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