1. Druk

    Safari question.

    Nothing to do with hefalumps...or tiggers. Couple of months ago I managed to enable the facility whereby clicking on a URL on an open page doesn't delete the original (page) but transfers it to a tab on the task bar. After the latest update that has reverted to losing the original...
  2. stwat

    Monkeys at Longleat Safari Park now have their own car!

    :D BBC News - Longleat's monkeys given their own car The one nicking the wheeltrim reminds me of many scallies I knew when I was a kid but the one running around wearing the T shirt made me laugh:D
  3. Chrishazle

    First Safari Trip, Which Camera To take?

    Have just booked a week's safari in Kenya for June - first time ever! Special occasion - wife will no longer be 29 and holding!! Anyway, can't make up my mind which still camera to take as "first choice". Option 1 : Canon A640 10mp digital (3x optical zoom equivalent, I believe, to...
  4. Tan


    hi I have just started using Safari on my works laptop and my new Mac and am really liking it. The one thing that is bugging me is the fact that the google search bar defaults to, can this be changed to
  5. jpskiller

    Day out at Knowsley Safari Park

    had a day out at knowsley safari park, thought i'd take the monkey route and risk it, I ended up with 1 totaly dismatled window wiper and waser jet, good day in all.. Felt sorry for car in front had his front windscreen rubber completly ripped off anyone been there and had any serious damage..
  6. Sp!ke

    Dangerous Safari
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