1. C

    Rosen AV7900 Impacts Pre Safe

    Guys, I have just put a deposit down on an E350cdi Sport Estate which has the Rosen dvd headrest system fitted AV7900, which was a car brought to the dealer via p/x. I am being told that by MB Cardiff that they can not sell the car with those headrests fitted as it has caused a fault with the...
  2. Doc matt

    Making it safe

    To cut a really long story short, we go on holiday Sunday and the only car available to go to Gatwick is my CLS. It will be left in the long stay for two weeks. The last time I parked in the long stay at BhX my new M5 was stolen. Wifey has one of those yellow steering wheel discloks so I'm...
  3. Palfrem

    Home safe

    Looking to get a smallish safe to hold my wife's bling and assorted papers, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions please? Maybe a secondhand one? Where do you usually put these things? Our insurers want us to dig up the floor and install an underfloor one. Yeah right.
  4. A

    Brake safe - love or hate

    Bloody annoying if you ask me. Especially driving around london with all the noises it makes
  5. S

    How safe is your car?

    8PM on C4 Miss it - miss out
  6. M

    2013 A180 (Blueefficiency Se) Inoperative / Safe Functions Limited?

    Hello, Hoping someone here can help me on a problem I'm encountering on my car that I purchased around 3 months ago.. "Inoperative See Owner's Manual" "PRE-SAFE Functions limited See Owner's Manual" I've looked through the manual and can't find anything that rectifies this.. I...
  7. S

    Pre Safe and Air bag light on.

    Hello all. Can anyone please help me on this. My drivers window has stopped working so i decided yesterday to check the fuses. Like a dope i left the ignition on, engine not running and after checking all the fuses for the window were correct I started the car. The Pre safe and Air bag...
  8. P

    Safe battery charging.

    Hi, I have W202 with an almost, but not completely flat battery. There's enough charge to power the locks and interior lights but not to start the engine. What I'd like to know is can I safely charge a maintenance free type sealed battery with an old fashioned, i.e non smart, 6 amp charger. The...
  9. alistairgd

    Amber Engine Warning Light - Safe until Monday?

    So my Christmas day present from MB seems to be a new light on my 2012 C180 Saloon - an amber engine warning light on the dash. No other warning lights, no performance issues, nothing. Only recent actions were an MB service 8 weeks ago, fuelled up yesterday, and did tyre pressures today...
  10. G

    Engine Bay - safe to remove ECU cover to clean?

    Well, basically just as the title says - and my apologies, if it's a silly question - is it safe to remove the cover from what I presume is an ECU, take it home, clean / paint / carbon wrap, etc? The rest of the bay is looking reasonably good without much effort, but this cover ... well, see...
  11. JohnEclass

    Safe Mode?

    So for probably the 3rd time in 18 months I set off and put my foot down exiting car park onto a clear road..... instead of accelerating off down the road the car coughed and shuddered as if I had hit the rev limiter ....which I hadn't then would not accelerate apart from very slowly up to...
  12. 190

    Maximum Safe Battery Charging voltage

    Anyone know what voltage an original MB battery should be charged at in my W204. I don't want to risk any damage to the battery or electronics but I do want to fully charge it. I'm wondering what type the battery is with it being tuck away out of sight under all that plastic air ducting. Is it...
  13. D

    Mercedes hard clear coat - safe to use polish?

    My 2012 black E250 coupe arrived last week and I've slowly been purchasing detailing products to give her a good clean. I had planned to use Meguiar's Ultra Compound with a Sonus SFX hand pad as I don't have access to a DA, nor the skill! However as I understand the Mercedes use a very hard...
  14. M

    Safe t bar

    Hi. I've just bought a vito 639. Brand new safe t bar for rear costs over £250. I was wondering if the old shape sprinter t bar woud fit? Thanks in advance!
  15. M

    Safe t bar

    Hi. Just bought a new shape vito and wanted to know if an old shape sprinter rear safe t bar would fit my vito?
  16. mercmanuk

    Antique safe samuel withers

    Antique Samuel withers &co ltd safe. I bought this and had it professionally restored 3 years ago,the safe was shot blasted and powder coated in green as close to the original colour as we could find. it measures 24"highx18"deepx18"wide external the handle,plaque and escutcheon are all...
  17. Silver CL55

    £6k cash or £6000 valuables certified CHUBB safe for sale

    PICK UP ONLY. PICK UP ONLY It is a CHUBB Secure Line Castelle SSC-3E, see link below. It will be available in about 2 week’s time when I actually replace it; I’ll expect a small deposit to secure it. I have had it for 2 years and it is...
  18. B

    2011 c220 pre safe seat belt fault

    Hi got a c220 in on a 2011 got presafe fault got codes 530550 .640300. Any ideas
  19. coolhand

    Pre safe warning - missing panel

    Hi all, My car (C class c200 w204) went into the garage because of a warning when I started saying "pre safe non operational" I was told that they ran a diagnostic on all the pre safe components and a software update was required. When my car came back, the boot underside interior trim panel...
  20. L

    Safe axle stand points on an SL 55 r230?

    Hi, I know that you jack on the rubber mounts, however for the 4x wheel refurb, it needs to be dropped onto axle stands, therefore can't use the rubber jack points as the jack will be on them to lift it, where can one use axle stands on these cars safety please? thanks Laurie:D
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