1. Leeroy

    Best place and safest for E350 remap in NE area

    hi guys as per the title, looking for best place and safest for a re-map on my 350 W212 in the north east area (Teeside) ...what sort of price is this usually???..cheers folks
  2. D

    Safest oil to top up with ?.

    Hi all, I checked the oil today ,and it is telling me to top up with 1.0 litre, my service is not due for another 10000 miles yet, so was going to pick som oil to top up with , in my service history it has been given 0-40 Mobil but the garage I. Bought the car from did a service but didn't...
  3. babyblueCE

    Safest way to clean my engine bay.

    Hello all. Can anyone please advise what will be the best way to clean my engine bay? Its absolutely filthy and when the rainy weather eases i will give it a good clean, but before i do so what steps would i need to take to avoid getting water/cleaner in electrical parts? I have a 300 CE J Reg...
  4. A

    AMG in hiding ... safest place for it!?

    Well the paintshop rang earlier to say that the C55 was locked in the oven, which was locked in the paintshop, which was locked in their yard! They all buggered off early on police advice. Hopefully safer than sitting on my drive, but fingers crossed, so far so good tonight .. all quiet on...
  5. ringway

    The safest drivers own a Robin Reliant!

    The safest drivers own a Reliant Robin! Aped from the Daily Mail. Balancing on three wheels, it certainly looks precarious. But it seems that the Reliant’s reputation for rolling over is undeserved. Reliant Robin owners are actually Britain's safest drivers. The car has come out on top...
  6. W

    World's safest S-class

    Autocar report - World's safest S-class I'm not sure how the side impact bars save weight by being deflated, but I think I know what they're getting at.
  7. S

    Chelsea Tractors are Safest

    ...without wanting to re-ignite that old chestnut favoured by an insignificant portion of our populous who hate what they do not own..... Keep on chewing up the mud fields fellow tractor owners :devil:
  8. Kinky

    Accident survey reveals safest cars

    Get the full report at : It covers most, if not all of the models represented by owners here. K By David Williams, Motoring Editor, Evening Standard 4 June 2003 Britain's safest - and least safe - cars are revealed...
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