1. brucemillar

    Building London before Health & Safety
  2. brucemillar

    Neutral Safety Switch

    Folks On my W124. I have noticed that I can start the engine with the Auto Gear Lever in any position, including DRIVE!!! I also have no reversing lights? Now the gearbox has been in and out of the car a few times as we rebuilt the engine and gearbox. There are no other apparent issues and...
  3. L

    Child safety door locks

    I have a 2016 MB Vito 114 bluetec & I need to know if there is a child door lock on this model? I can't see anything in the user manual & the salesman who sold me the van couldn't tell me either. My vehicle only has 3 seats all situated in the front & my son who has special needs can open the...
  4. D

    Workshop safety - kids

    Am after advice regarding the safety of a new home workshop I am building The workshop is going to contain some pretty dangerous tools, table saw, chop saw band saw etc. I am putting a stable door on it so as my 7 and 8 year old can't get in but can attract my attention when I'm working in...
  5. gr1nch

    Anti-theft Safety and Security tips?

    Just read this - Luxury cars drivers targeted in nationwide epidemic | UK | News | Daily Express Worrying times. Even an ordinary A class hijacked. And a lot of us here have, or are getting, more expensive, desirable cars. Any tips or wisdom, common-sense or obscure, to share?
  6. st13phil

    Strictly Enforced Speed Limits May Adversely Affect Safety

    Some interesting research that suggests a driver's hazard perception capability is diminished when they're dedicating concentration to speed limit compliance. It will be interesting to see what the next stage of the research finds.
  7. M

    2017 Mercedes Benz Trucks Safety Demonstration - Video

    2017 Mercedes Benz Trucks Safety Demonstration - Video tLhoPyFX0yQ
  8. vijilants

    W204 SRS controller safety recall

    Just had a letter through the post from MB to get my W204 pre facelift in to a dealership for a safety recall. The SRS controller needs to be replaced immediately. Anyone else had the same ?
  9. Giantvanman

    A safety film from 1934

    Watch for the newspaper headline a few seconds in…how many deaths?? 6PTrY5O6dig
  10. gary350

    Safety Recall R/2015/210 nov 2015

    Daughter got a letter stating that there was a problem on cars made in the last 3/4 months naming various models (hers is an A class), and others seems to be exhaust camshaft problem she called her local MB dealer in Bridgend (south wales) they were in the dark asked her to call the bigger MB...
  11. developer

    A Naughy Bit Of Safety Camera Work

    Twice in as many months, at two separate locations I've emerged from graduation lines after the Gasto and proceeded down the road in an orderly fashion, obviously at 30mph. Within a few hundred yards of the Gatso there has been a mobile unit, aiming their equipment at me :crazy:. Now, rightly...
  12. Peter T

    'Elf and Safety.

    Went to my local branch of Travis Perkins yesterday of a couple of lengths of achitrave. I took the Hilux pickup as I needed 3.6 metre lengths. Anyway, after paying for the wood, I was standing in the pickup bed strapping everything in when I was, politely, asked to get down as their new H &...
  13. KillerHERTZ

    Mercedes-AMG GT S DTM Safety Car Revealed

    Mercedes-AMG GT S DTM Safety Car Revealed Affalterbach. A new Safety Car celebrates its DTM premiere: at the second DTM race at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz (29 to 31 May 2015), the Mercedes-AMG GT S is set to be deployed for the very first time. The new sports car will help to ensure maximum...
  14. R

    E350 2015 Horrible "safety" feature

    Hello everyone, I've just taken delivery of an E350, overall I'm delighted with it, it's a totally different experience to the C63! But anywhow, I've encountered a very annoying feature on the E350 that is driving me nuts - when I park in awkward spaces I like to open the driver's door just to...
  15. Meldrew2

    Important Health & Safety advice

    This sign should be everywhere…
  16. KillerHERTZ

    AMG GT S F1 Safety Car

    Mercedes AMG GT S F1 Safety Car Baptism of fire on the race track: The GT S and the C63 S - the new high-performance cars from Mercedes-AMG - provide for maximum safety in the 2015 FIA Formula One World Championship™. At the first Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australia the GT S will debut on the...
  17. M

    W124 neutral safety switch

    Has anybody changed the neutral safety switch on a w124 (722.503 tranny) and can comment on whether it's a reasonable diy, or best left to an indie? Mine needs changing as the car will only start in neutral when it's cold, and then when it's warmed up, will start in park. I have the part...
  18. 219

    SL & SLK safety recalls

    From the DVSA website Vehicle safety recalls: August 2014
  19. Sp!ke

    Rental car safety

    I rented a big Citroen Jumper 9 seater for a couple of weeks in summer and had a bit of a worrying moment on the motorway when braking reasonably hard as the traffic came to an abrupt halt. On inspecting the brakes I found the front disks were cracked (see below). The rental company are...
  20. D

    best way to lift the whole of the front of a car?

    Hi all, Whats the best way to lift the front of a car completely off the ground so one can work on both sides of the front without having to swap. Could be handy to steer the wheels in the middle of a job, or check joints without the weight of the car on it. Etc. I think lifting one side...
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