1. Abcan

    S212 saggy rear suspension.

    Evening all My 62 plate S212 has been sat unused since Thursday. Today I noticed it was sitting very low on the rear suspension. The off side tyre was in the arch and on the near side there was an inch gap. When I started it the self levelling pump kicked in and it rose to its normal...
  2. WDB124066

    Fix For 124 Saggy Seats.

    Some of you may know I’ve been looking for a new Driver’s seat for the 124 Cab for many years due to a sagging seat and a botched repair attempt. I bought a replacement seat set from a low mileage coupe and used the passenger front seat from that as my Driver’s seat – until that started sagging...
  3. T

    Saggy Front End

    I'm a bit saggy up front and want to get it sorted out. Any ideas what could cause it. The front springs are new (second set in the car's life) but it still sits a bit low for my liking.
  4. jimmy

    Saggy Rear End!!

    I have been thinking about this for some time and decided that I must do something about it, especially after driving in the dark tonight when numerous other cars flashed me even though I had my headlights set low. The rear end of my C250TD Estate sits much lower than the front, you can...
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