1. T

    Would your MB Salesman have done this?

    Grandma called wrong number after a bad fall ? Dang Vuong showed up to help anyway | Metro News Pretty impressive really in this day and age.
  2. K

    Buying a CLA45 - Any recommended salesman?

    Hey guys First post here, as im going to be buying a CLA45 Brand new from the dealership in May for my 20th birthday! I'll be saying goodbye to audi for good. I've checked the recommended brokers such as Carwow and drivethedeal but orange wheels seems to give me the best price every time (...
  3. Harrythedog

    A salesman's joy

    So you've left the dealership having agreed a price and left the deposit on a car, ever thought of what happens when you leave? They do things a little differently at this Hyundai dealership... [VIDEO]
  4. kbhogalW126

    Looking for a salesman

    Afternoon all! I'm looking for a time served commission only salesman to sell printed and embroidered workwear and also promotional items for me. They can be based anywhere in the country. Pm me for more details. Regards, KJ
  5. DominoD7

    Best way to play the Used Mercedes Salesman game?

    Hello all, There seems to be some pretty experienced MB buyers here so I thought I'd ask the best way you guys approach the buying process. I am going to drop in on a MB dealer on the weekend that happens to have my perfect spec car in stock but will probably make out I'm a casual browser- they...
  6. S

    Why do MB salesman make it difficult to buy from them?

    Back to my search for a new or near new MB E class. I ended buying a used Jaguar XF after my last search and I'm so happy with both it and dealer servcing that I'm keeping it however I still want the E class also. I've been into my "local" Jaguar showroom and been suprised, once again, at the...
  7. Palfrem

    What a salesman!

    1972 MERCEDES 350SLC PETROL SPARES OR REPAIRS | eBay Words just fail me...
  8. developer

    Second Hand Car Salesman - An Inside Story

    One of my longstanding tenants (who I now consider as a friend) has just started as a salesman at a small 2nd hand car dealership in the Black Country. His remuneration is basic plus commission. Have a guess how much he commission he gets, per car sold?
  9. M

    Oh to be a Mercedes salesman...

    If I ever had the good fortune to live another life, I have definitely made up my mind what I would want to be - a Mercedes Benz car salesman... Got to be the cushiest number in sales. Everyone who crosses their threshold is either a hard core Mercedes nut or aspires to be one. That makes life...
  10. kusanku

    Has anyone ever been persuaded by a salesman

    I just wondered whether anyone here has ever gone into a dealer undeceided about a purchase, and actually been presuaded by a salesman. My experience of main dealers, and expensive franchises like MB Direct, is that I have often gone in with a serious intention of buying a car, and come away...
  11. S

    MB Salesman add - on! Yes or No?

    1. Gap Insurance (MB versus private Insurance companies) 2. Paint protection? 3. Wheel Protection? (This is linked to a purchase of a SLK) Anything else that should be considered? Thanks for any information provided.
  12. M

    MB Dealer salesman

    This time in my local dealer, Robinsons of Norwich, earlier this week. I asked the chap if I could just have a look in any of the W211 E-Classes and W203 C-Classes sitting on their forecourt, just to see which I fit better in. Just a simple, "unlock the cars and leave me to it" so I thought...
  13. grober

    A salesman regrets?

    An ambitious car salesmen regrets giving twins a simultaneous test drive " just to see how it handles in the bends" :eek: Was one of those guys talking on a mobile phone? That sort of thing can be dangerous.:rolleyes...
  14. culpano

    Had a run in with a Subaru salesman !

    Near where I work is a Subaru garage next to a BP petrol station. I was travelling up a country lane from work and approaching the junction to an A road where I would turn left and towards the petrol station. As I approached the junction this black Subaru absolutely flew past (must have been...
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