1. DSM10000

    Garage recommendation for those near Salisbury

    As we seem to get a fair number of horror stories about poor garages and poor service I thought I would redress the balance a little and add some praise for a very good garage for those who live around the Salisbury area. The garage in question being Skinner and Osment Ltd...
  2. M

    Hi from Salisbury wilts

    Hello lads and lasses Just bought a 3yr old C220 blue eff estate with 82500 miles on it. So far impressed with the ride but the mpg is rubbish,only getting around 40-45 on a combined drive from start and that's not taking off the 7%. Hope to get involved in all the discussions etc Regards...
  3. abecketts

    MB Salisbury

    Had to visit the dealer to get a new bonnet release lever, on arrival as I got out of the car I was greeted by a guy on the forecourt who asked what they could do for me, he then escorted me to the parts department and summoned a member of staff. They had the part in stock and £10.35 later I...
  4. Mickeyj1966

    New Member Salisbury

    Hi, I'm Mickey, 48, in a relationship with Sara. Love Mercs, any age any model. I will shortly be taking possession of a shiny black, immaculate SLK. And I can't wait!!!!!
  5. A

    Salisbury Mercedes positive feedback

    Just had my AMG serviced in Salisbury today. Got to say I'm never pleased about taking my car to a dealer, but was very impressed with them from the off. Haggled on the price, 1/2 price mot, carried all warranty work, and kept me up to speed. Nice experience! Oh and I got 4x cans of diet...
  6. jimmyca69

    Anyone in Salisbury area.....

    Evening all, Know this is pushing my luck after being lucky enough for another forum member to view a car for me in Hook (great forum). But is anyone based in or around Salisbury with a decent grasp of the W211 E55 AMG that would be willing to check over a private sale car for me? I would...
  7. M

    Thank you MB of Salisbury

    Very friendly and helpful and fitted my replacement star for free! I know only a few minute job but nice to have it fitted professionally, I'm sure I would have cocked it up somehow!
  8. M

    Hello from Salisbury

    Hello all! I've recently bought a W203 2002 C220 SE CDi. Really happy with it so far but hope to upgrade a few small details! Seem to be loads of W203's around....Is it bad form to wave? :)
  9. fabes

    lovley SL63 - Salisbury

    Passed through Salisbury twice today and the dealer there has a 'loverly' black SL63 on sale, prime corner plot with grey inserts on the side Couldn't stop (late going both ways as ever...) but if you're passing, give the forecourt a glance Wonder what its up for Ohhh - £84K :o...
  10. B

    Mercedes Dealership - Salisbury : My experience

    I recently purchased a 1 year old C220 CDI Sport (W204) from the Mercedes Dealership in Salisbury. My previous vehicle had been supplied by their sister Dealership in Poole and the service and experience was absolutely first class. Not so with Salisbury! My wife and I visited the Dealership to...
  11. J

    PKF Engineering Salisbury

    Has anyone used them? They are an independant in Salisbury.
  12. M

    MB specialist - Salisbury or Southampton

    Can anyone recommend where I can get my 4-year old E240 serviced in the Salisbury / Southampton area? Independent specialist preferred, but comments on the local main dealers would be welcome. Thanks.
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