1. mbenz1977

    WANTED!!! Anyone selling any Mercedes 2004 onwards clk or c class saloons

    WANTED!!! Anyone selling any Mercedes 2004 onwards clk or c class saloons. cash waiting £500-£1500. Call 07944594949.
  2. P

    C-Class saloons photoshoot

    Hi there, Mercedes Enthusiast magazine are looking for a W203 C320 CDi Sport and a W204 C350 CDi Sport to shoot for a big feature on the 20th or 21st May. The photoshoot will last around 3 hours and is likely to be in the Beds/Bucks/Herts/Essex area. If you own either car and would like to...
  3. J

    Any white C63 facelift saloons with carbon extras?

    Does anyone have pictures of what the white facelift saloon looks like with the carbon pieces? Mine shuld be on the road soon and want to get some idea of it before i go spending cash on carbon fibreing the everything that can be done...
  4. WesLangdon

    2 w124 diesel saloons

    MERCEDES 300 DIESEL | eBay
  5. C240Sport97

    Discounts on E350 CDI BE saloons

    Still looks like discounts are around £2k off .. which is about 5%, assuming list of £40k (Avantgarde plus metallic plus COMAND plus memory seats). Anyone done any better?
  6. Barbanasos

    1990s Uber Saloons

    Was browsing/tidying photos on my pc and came across this photo. What a shot and how beautiful all these cars look like. I had made it as a poster decorating my bedroom as a teenager. I have found the original article pages as images but all in german unfortunately.
  7. M

    Tow Bars for E class saloons w210 & w211

    I have two eclass tow bars One is a witter bar with electrics for a w211 The other is a Brink detachable bar for a W210 Both bars are in good condition I also have some mats which are very good condition for both cars and a boot tub for an eclass saloon as well It may be of interest to...
  8. PeterE320Cdi

    Sporty Diesel Saloons

    I like the look of this 190D 2.5 Sportline 74k with full history. and here is an interesting E300 Diesel AMG...
  9. grober

    E500 and e400 saloons

    The following section is an edited excerpt from the excellent MERCEDES-BENZ a collectors guide vol4 the 1980s by James Taylor. " In the two and a half years following the 1989 Frankfurt introductions two more new high-performance versions of the W124 appeared, both of them available in limited...
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