1. H

    New member salute

    Just joined and wanted to say hello, I have a 2005 SLK 350 which my dad graciously gave me, covered 72k and is mint. I look forward to making a contribution to the club forums. Mark
  2. Scott_F

    Those About To Die - We Salute You !

    Since there is nothing than I like better than seeing an Austin A60 or a Jaguar Mark 10 go out in a blaze of glory on the oval circuit, I took myself to the pre-85 meeting at Hednesford a couple of weeks ago. I haven't been for a few years and the format back then was pre-68 divided into two...
  3. Stratman

    NZ Regiment salute fallen comrades with Haka

    Absolutely spine tingling
  4. Godot

    Wednesday Evening 22nd February Square Mile Salute

    Stuck for something to do mid week in London, few tickets left. Great setting, Excellent Nosh fit for Royalty, Great Raffle Prizes.. like Branson's Necker Island etc etc :devil:;) Info from the old Regimental web site..a bit late, but it may still have time to tickle your fancy &...
  5. s1gar

    ALFIE, COMAND GENERAL, we salute you

    thanks to alfie for the help with my comand. i had bought a unit of flea bay that i had no end of problems with. i sent it back to the person i bought it off and got a full refund. bought one of alfie's units. turned up the next day well protectivly packed. my01 already installed. the fitting...
  6. didgit

    salute from BMW driver

    whilst driving home on my fav back road this evening :bannana: i saw a BMW 3?? coming towards me :crazy: , the young driver leant fowards into the windscreen and blew a kiss at me :eek: , is this some kind of submissive salute from the opposite marque as to the splendor and road pressence that...
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