1. The _Don

    How To Build A $1500 Salvage Title S55 AMG To Speed Across The Country
  2. karozza

    Mercedes Salvage Yards online??

    Where is the best place to start my quest online for a front valve block?? I would like to one from the UK OR Europe instead of buying from the U.S.!?
  3. regbuser

    14 plate CLS350 SB salvage

    could be a tidy deal for someone > 2014 MERCEDES CLS 350 SHOOTING BRAKE NOT DAMAGED SALVAGE ONLY DONE 100 MILES | eBay
  4. R

    Breaking mercedes s class (w221) damaged spares salvage

    Hi newbie to forum so not to sure if i can post such listings here or not.. Currently Breaking A Mercedes S320 LWB W221 (2006-2012) In Black Most Parts Available For This Vehicle Genuine Mercedes S Class Parts No Damage Very Minimal Wear From Use And Possible Storage Marks...
  5. mct_cars

    R107 560 Salvage

    Not a lot left straight! MERCEDES 560 SL LHD ACCIDENT DAMAGE SALVAGE | eBay
  6. martyz

    500 sec salvage

    Mercedes 500 SEC Auto (Silver) Automatic (Cat X) / scrap / salvage car for sale / auction | Silverlake Autoparts
  7. C

    600SEL bits

    Hi All, A few years ago I had a 600SEL, and unfortunately it's cam chain snapped. I decided to scrap the car, but before I did, I took off as much stuff as possible in the expectation of getting another 600. That never happened, and I'll soon be losing my garage, so it all has to go. I don't...
  8. janner

    Salvage 300SL

    Looks like an easy repair and possibly a nice car pre-smack? Link
  9. nick.ged

    124 320 damaged salvage ect

    i need a 124 320 24v for donor parts. be it a coupe, estate or saloon. would consider any thing, right off, mot fail, blown engine, stolen recovered ect. that old car that as been in your garden for 10 yrs, i need it, please sell!
  10. A

    SLR - damaged / salvage

    Found this on another forum, yikes :eek: :
  11. gurpz

    1999 C43 AMG Salvage Repairable CAT D

    A once rather nice looking C43 AMG that only now needs the front and rear bumpers sorting out along with a new window (by the looks of it). Looks like the car was once owned by a enthusiast owner as it has uprated 19' AMG wheels, W210 blinking mirrors and a rather strange W203 AMG rocher cover...
  12. W

    Salvage yard closing down, lots of parts very cheap!

    Salvage yard in the North of England is closing down, they're selling all parts for a maximum of £25 (exc engines and gearboxes). Worth a trip if you need something and you're up that way i guess...
  13. gurpz

    Salvage W210 1998 E55 AMG

    A very high spec pre-facelift salvage W210 1998 E55 AMG with some damage to the front off side. Could be a good project car for someone although im guessing parts wont be cheap :crazy...
  14. B

    best place(s) to contact for mercedes salvage?

    looking for some parts for my S class and am wondering where is the best places to go, interested in both cheap new (by cheap i mean cheaper than the stealers) and salvage places. thanks
  15. W

    Salvage C43 This looks fairly cheap - would break well? Engine/interior/wheels/bodykit parts etc. Will
  16. NW_Merc

    Salvage E55 Looks like just the boot needs redoing
  17. aka$h

    '04 C55 AMG salvage on ebay Such a rare car, shame to see it like that. Parts for repair would have to be new, as your not likely to find the longer wings and bonnet from a breakers.
  18. Parrot of Doom

    W210 salvage parts, expensive ones too
  19. gurpz

    Mercedes Benz C180 1995 Salvage

    Acident damaged Mercedes Benz C180 1995 Salvage Must have been someones pride and joy with the number of mods that i can see: Full C36 AMG Bodykit Genuine AMG Alloys Rear Facelifted Light Clusters Spoiler with High Level Brakelight Facelifted Sport Steering Wheel Avantgarde Grill AMG Badge...
  20. stats007

    C36 AMG Salvage / Repair

    Anyone need any C36 bits?
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