1. D

    iPhone 5s 64GB with Vaja case & Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB with Gear4 case for sale

    I have these for sale on ebay but would be happy to discount to take into account fees if sold via here. I think the ebay and paypal fees come to about 13.5% so that's the sort of discount I have in mind. iPhone Apple iPhone 5s - 64GB - Space Grey (Unlocked) Smartphone + Vaja Agenda Case...
  2. D

    W205 - Wont read texts from Samsung S7

    Hi Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I have connected my Galaxy S7 to my 2016 w205 C250 Command system. It connects OK but does not read text messages out aloud as it did with my previous (windows) phone. I do get the message for me to read on screen but this is no use when...
  3. M

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, unlocked NEW

    Samsung galaxy s7 edge Unlocked to any network Onyx black 1 week old Fully boxed with all accessories untouched Totally unmarked Pm me for more information £440 including postage. Thanks ( I can WhatsApp you some pics if interested.)
  4. clk320x

    Samsung Laptop

    Samsung Laptop - excellent condition. RRP - £400 Spec: Samsung 355V5C AMD A6-4400M Processor 15.6" HD Screen Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit 6GB DDR3 RAM 500GB HDD DVD Rewriter Integrated Graphics Bluetooth 4...
  5. M.A.94

    What's Samsung warranty like?

    So I have a Samsung note 4. I actually like the phone a lot even a year into owning it. Not bored of it at all the screen size is ideal to surf the net, use as a sat nav and stream movies etc. No real complaints with the phone design, however recently my phone has started to reboot whilst in the...
  6. markmifsud

    Brand New Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    Hi All, I have a brand new S7, the box is still sealed so cannot post actual pictures of the phone as that would devalue it. But your welcome to have a picture of the box showing the seal? Also will be supplied with a New sealed 128gb mSD card as the 7 edge only come with 32gb internal storage...
  7. jonnymerc

    FOR SALE Samsung S7 EDGE

    Selling my samsung S7 EDGE Black IN IMMACULATE CONDITION works perfectly, back case is a very nice black carbon skin no marks at all on back or screen comes with box, charger ,and I think in the box are unused ear phones £375 ONO £600 on Samsung website
  8. Bigrichw

    Samsung S7 Edge

    I've always been an iPhone user, and recently swapped my 6 Plus for an SE. It's ok a good little phone, but I do miss the larger screen. I'm considering a change to the S7 Edge, has anyone else made the change from an iPhone the S7? Thoughts please. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Samsung. Customer Service

    My Samsung S6 refused to charge via the charger or USB. After trying several hints...hard reboot and a plethora of other things my daughter got in touch with Samsung. She related the above. This was on Monday 1 Aug. Samsung arranged to have the phone picked up via courier on Tue 2 August...
  10. M

    SAP V4 works with Samsung S4 Mini

    MY Sap V4 works very well with the Samsung S4 Mini (no rooting required) Has anyone used a Samsung S5 Mini ?
  11. P

    Samsung s5 16gb unlocked

    White colour comes with a case. Overall great condition bar some marks that I'll list: Slight ding left hand size silver bezel Another slight ding top right silver bezel Charger port cover missing (actually better and less annoying unless your going under water:)) Genuine reason for...
  12. brucemillar

    Samsung Galaxy Edge 64Gb

    Folks Is anybody selling one please? Must be in really good condition. Many Thanks Bruce
  13. P

    Samsung s3 LTE version

    This is the 2gb ram model so much faster than the standard model. Unlocked with original box a couple of cases extra anker battery and few spare screen protectors but no charger. The phone itself is the white colour and in pristine condition. Pics to follow looking for £80 including delivery
  14. ioweddie

    Wanted new Samsung S3 Mobile Phone

    Hi. has anyone an unwanted Unlocked upgrade Samsung S3 Mobile Preferably new or mint lightly used, hopefully white. Just missed one on fleabay a bargain at £62. Willing to pay around £70 Thanks Eddie
  15. bob6600

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F

    Brand new boxed, still has all the plastics on an only opened to make sure it works and take pics. Supplied by Carphonewarehouse so 100% unlocked UK stock. These sell for £639 on their site. Comes with usual accessories (see pics).* £475 incl RMSD or £465 cash on collection from...
  16. Dave Richardson

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Replacement

    A question to other members. I've cracked the screen on my Galaxy S4 mobile, looking on you tube it seems that it's possible to replace just the broken glass & these are available for under a tenner on e bay. Question 1 Has anyone ever tried to replace just the glass ? Question2 If no...
  17. developer

    Transferring Text And Contacts From HTC One Mini To Samsung S6

    What's the easiest/safest way please? I've done the photos, but I need my contacts and texts transferred from the HTC to the Samsung. Thanks.
  18. trapperjohn

    Samsung Note 4 to MB Bluetooth.

    So my brother has a 55 plate CLS Vin Code WDD 219332A...... Any idea what Visseo would be his best route to pair with his Samsung Note 4. MB4 keep leaping out from the internet but owner experience on here is usually far better than that. CHEERS
  19. Dave Richardson

    Anyone have a Samsung Curved Screen TV ?

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying a new tv & looking at a 48" Curved Screen Samsung UE48JU6500 or UE 48JU6740 models. The 6500 model is on offer at £749 in Currys & the 6740 is on offer at £899 The TV is only used for Sky or Freeview & movies (not gaming) does any member have one of these...
  20. The _Don

    Apple Iphone5s or samsung s5 wanted

    Hi A elderly neighbour is after either one of the above phones if anyone has one they would like to sell. Cheers
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