1. Palmball

    SLS Wet Sand

    I really must be a touch unhinged but I've not had my SLS all week (and won't do until half way into next) because I'm having someone rub sandpaper all over it :crazy: I must admit to being more than a bit apprehensive about this, and of course I know it's not really just rubbing the paint...
  2. E270 Owner

    Sand Dust levels in London area

    Hi, is it me or are increasing ? It dont seems to matter if its raining or not the sand/dust deposits are getting worse and its really abrasive too. I have 3 black vans out the back of the yard they were cleaned 2 days ago and now there's a thick pile of dust on them. A yellow green and black...
  3. ringway

    Sand Art by Simonova.

    Best viewed in full screen. 518XP8prwZo
  4. reflexboy

    Grey Kiln Dried Sand

    Hi-Does anyone know where I can get a couple of bags of grey kiln dried sand to use on my grey block paved driveway. I'm in Chessington, so need somewhere fairly local. Surrey, Sussex, Kent etc? TIA
  5. M

    W124 300TD changed fuel filter now sounds like sand shaker

    Hi, First post as I never had issues with my 93 w124 300td. I changed the fuel filter (front mounted top of engine) yesterday. I never filled it with diesel and was had to start. I then took it back it back off and filled diesel into it. Started after some cranking. I think I got some diesel...
  6. Spinal

    Sand Driving: RWD or FWD?

    This came out of a pub discussion... If driving through deep, soft, dry sand (i.e. not mud) and you don't have a 4x4... which is better RWD or FWD? Theories are: - FWD digs itself in + FWD moves sand out of the way - RWD creates a barrier of sand in front of front wheels + RWD makes...
  7. janner

    How many bags of sand is a Mercedes Penz?

    Saw this at a recent sand art exhibition.
  8. N

    Anybody got some sand paper

    Shouldn't take long LOL I bet the neighbours were over the moon with that on the drive for 18 years.
  9. L

    Mini sand blaster

    Has anyone used one of these or have any comments??
  10. L

    Sand blasting/Acid dipping

    Hi all, As you may know Fiona and I are restoring a Moggie 1000, well we have decided if a jobs worth doing, its worth doing well so am looking for anyone with opinions or connections with the Sand blasting or acid dipping treatments. All advice very welcome. Cheers Mark
  11. SEM

    Falling Sand

    For those who maybe bored on a Friday Afternoon
  12. grasmere

    Falling Sand mesmerizing thingy

    Falling Sand mesmerizing thingy :cool: Look at the screenshots to see what to do and try the different materials
  13. Goldfish11

    Wanted - W211 Velour Matts in Pebble Beige (for Sand)

    Has anyone got, or knows of somewhere I can get hold of the following matts (apart from my local MB garage). I have black ribbed matts and have a family wedding coming up so thought I better get something to cheer the car up. I am being a bit mean and trying to avoid paying MB retail prices...
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