1. pammy

    So what did Santa bring you?.....

    Hubby - err sorry Santa brought me:- Posh bird bits for my posh car:D posh leather and cashmere gloves, posh scarf - not wired, posh padded silver edged road atlas and posh leather cd wallet DVD player for the kitchen, DAB radio for the kitchen - there's a theme here:D Suede CD smellies Oh...
  2. Kinky

    Santa dumps reindeer and buys Mercedes Shock!

    [this is posted on behalf of Vito, so he takes 100% of the credit for everything here. The only piece I could possibly add is an alternative headline along the lines of "Santa in non-Silver Shocker" :D - Kinky] We finally have the proof that Santa will make it to all of us this Christmas time...
  3. M

    Santa Pod 31/08

    We are going to Santa Pod to test some settings on the CRX this Sunday If anyone else is around it would be nice to see a few people - There are loads of Rovers going to be there though - so I wont be short of someone to talk to ! Mark
  4. S

    Santa Pod - USC - any of you guys there?

    I was working at Santa Pod at the weekend for the Ultimate Street Car event, and wondered if any of you guys had visited? I did'nt see much racing, but was told by one of my mates that there was a Burgandy coloured W202 C Class running some very respectable times, wondered if it was any of...
  5. GrahamC230K

    Santa Pod 26th Jan03 Pics

    The weather although cold and damp held out for us today at Santa pod. This the first run what you brung of the year, seemed popular, and left us queueing down the road as early as 10am to enter the site. Jap cars seemed the order of the day, with Nissan Sunny GTI-Rs, RX-7's and Skylines...
  6. M

    Santa Pod - Sun 26th Jan

    Hi Lads There is a large Rover meeting at Santa Pod on Sun 26th of Jan and I will be going - I just dont know which car I will be taking this time :) I know its short notice - but does anyone else fancy a mini meet prior to March ? Dont forget - Its January and if it rains - Racing...
  7. GrahamC230K

    What did Santa bring?...that's car related?

    OK, like the title says, what gifts did you get, that are car related? I am guessing a bunch of car nuts like us, must have got at least one motoring related gift. I got a Air Compressor (note not with a "K") for inflating my tyres. I have been after one for ages as I hate going to...
  8. Koolvin

    Santa Pod video!

    doesn't anyone want to download the santa pod video's? nobody has downloaded them since they were put up on FTP. <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':huh:'>
  9. M

    Santa Pod - Flame and Thunder!

    Its the big spectacular of the year at Santa Pod on the 2nd of November!  <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':bannana:'>  <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle"...
  10. Koolvin

    Santa Pod pics part 2

    More pics from Santa Pod: The Mercedes pictures were the ones I took, the other pictures were taken by my friend with his own camera: LINKY LINK CLICK ME
  11. Koolvin

    Santa Pod PICS

  12. Guy

    Santa Pod report wanted!

    Hope you guys all had a great time, just sorry I couldn't be with you. How about someone posting a report? Did Billy get the ultimate birthday present? Happy Birthday  <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'>  <img...
  13. Maff

    Santa Pod - who's coming??

    Just a quick message to see who is coming to Santa Pod (on the 6th?) and if it is still on. If it's still on, I'll be there. Sign below! &nbsp;<img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'>
  14. M

    Santa Pod 6th or 13th of October

    Santa Pod Raceway RWYB Sun 6/10/02 or Sun 13/10/02 Following on to the previous thread, Who's up for a trip to the Pod for a GTG and a bit of friendly racing/spectating next month? I have picked the dates from the replies already received previously - but if anyone has a preference for 27/10...
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