1. 350_Coupe

    Comand 2.0 + SAP v3 BT module contact transfer issue

    Afternoon Guys, I've recently switched my phone from a Samsung Galaxy s3 on the Three network, to a Samsung Galaxy s6 on the EE network. I had been using the MB HFP Adapter, because Three does not support SAP, but EE does, so it gave me the chance to switch back to my MB SAP v3 adapter...
  2. S

    A 212 906 53 02 - SAP v4 BLUETOOTH CRADLE (rSAP PROFILE)

    Hi Guys, I have recently sold my car and I am selling my bluetooth SAP cradle. This is version 4. Fully working. £90 incl. free delivery to mainland UK, ono.
  3. U

    Mercedes Benz SAP V2 SLR Bluetooth Mobile Phone Cradle Adaptor A2048200535

    abc abc
  4. M

    SAP V4 works with Samsung S4 Mini

    MY Sap V4 works very well with the Samsung S4 Mini (no rooting required) Has anyone used a Samsung S5 Mini ?
  5. F

    SAP 4 User Instructions

    I have an SAP 4, but unfortunately the instructions are in German. I've managed to get a half decent translation from the on-line German version, but would really like a copy of the original English instructions. If anyone out there has the English instructions in electronic format, then...
  6. D

    Bluetooth and SAP V4 pairing woes

    Hello all, I am hoping someone can help me pair my SAP V4 plug-in module with my HTC One X phone. At the moment I have heard the dreaded descending tone, indicating pairing unsuccessful, so many times it is driving me mad! The phone should work, according to the MB web site, and according to...
  7. U

    Tree SAP

    Hi guys, Due to my house being under construction for an extension, I've had to park my car down the road. It's a private area so there's not much worry that its going to be stolen while I sleep or anything along those lines. Tree sap has gone onto the car, and when I noticed it after a car...
  8. G

    SAP v2 as an emergency phone?

    I have a telephone pre-wiring in my car (option 386) but am aware of the limitation of both Viseeo and SAP v4 - I have an iPhone 6. Not really bothered with having incoming calls to iPhone routed to instrument cluster as such - Garmin takes care of that, and with full voice control -...
  9. merc85

    Blooming Tree Sap! anyone else suffering??

    As above, is anyone else getting peeved at all this tree sap floating about in the air?? My car sits in the garage but everytime i take her out its been getting covered in the stuff, She's fairly well polished and tbh the detailer spray is doing a good job removing it between washes but its...
  10. Codger49

    Installing SAP v4 in W209

    I wonder if any more knowledgable members could tell me if I am trying to do the impossible? Car is 2006 W209 coupe with NTG2 Comand and w386 phone prep. Car is new to me, and looking at all the phone options (Viseeo MB4, HFP, SAP etc) I thought SAP with a SIM card would suit me best. I use a...
  11. P

    SAP V2 works well with Blackberry Q10

    Thought I might have made mistake getting a V2 SAP module. Seems that rSAP in the latest blackberrys is compatible with the V2 modules. Thought I would pass on. Using a NTG 4 COMAND unit. Might be asking why? 1. Minimal Battery drain 2. Utilises the external car aerial 3. Allows SMS...
  12. cctesta

    Tree Sap

    I've been washing my dads CL500 today and there's loads of dried on tree sap. It's like glue. I got some off but it's left quite a mark. Are there any products that can get rid of it?
  13. flying haggis

    sap module will not remember phone

    hi all bought a sap module to use in my 08 E class est and when i first paired the phone the car would remember the pairing every time I used the car,but now (three weeks later) the sap will not remember the phone and the MB telephone does not show in the phone listing. any thoughts
  14. T

    Mercedes Benz SAP Bluetooth Mobile Phone Car Cradle B67876125

    Hi, I have just bought a 06 320 E Class estate, it has a connector in the centre arm rest and I was told that I can get a bluetooth phone from e-bay easilty that fits as standard and I can then connect my iphone via bluetooth. I worry I should have posted and joind the MC Club sooner, before I...
  15. M

    Sap V2 & iphones

    Is it possible to connect a Sap v2 to an I phone lots of conflict ion information on this ? If not what's best way of adapting a 2005 S class command system to work an iPhone
  16. Z

    Sap to Comand

    A AMG Want to use sap with sim in the unit. On command get to page saying 'searching for sap module' I'm pressing button on too of module and the blue light flashes quickly. But after a while the command says 'module not found' I've tried it with the sim in and sim out same thing happens. No...
  17. prprandall51

    SAP V3 cradle and Samsung phones

    Just to report that I have the MB SAP cradle V3 and a Samsung phone (Galaxy S4). The phone pairs using SAP effortlessly and works flawlessly. I could not get the phonebook to sync at all but I have read elsewhere that there are known issues with Samsung's implementation of the BPAP protocol...
  18. M

    W204 sap v2

    Hi This is my first post. My SAP V2 phone module works well, however it seems to long and stops the holder flipping up fully. This means the USB port is hard to get at. Does anyone use a SAP V3 which looks shorter?
  19. B

    Bluetooth SAP V2 not pairing

    Hi, can anyone help me please.:doh: I have a new phone which I need to pair with my car. I have a Acer Liquid Gallant E350, which has the Sim Access Protocol (SAP), which is on, as is Bluetooth. The car is a 2005 CLK 220 with an Audio 20 unit. I have followed the instructions up to and including...
  20. M

    SAP V4...Works With Galaxy S3!

    Hi All, This is my first post, but I think some of you may be interested in the Bluetooth SAP V4. I have been tracking this elusive gadget for the last year and disappointed each time its availability date drifted to the right. Its part number, A212 906 4202, popped up in a few accessory...
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