1. Gollom

    Urgent - need a SATA power adaptor

    Building a PC for my daughter and the Optical drive is SATA. I have a data cable but need one of the little adaptors that go from one of the white plugs on the internal PC cabling to the SATA power connector on the drive. The PC case only has one which of course is being used for the HDD I'm...
  2. A

    Some computer equipment, Sata Hard Drives and Memory

    Hello A few bits for sale after a clear out. 2* 250GB SATA H/D these have been certified repaired so full warranty. Ideal for a media centre or similar. Both Sealed. 2 Sticks of 1GB RAM (2GB kit) never used Each item £15 each. Postage £3
  3. mercmanuk

    hitachi 1tb sata hdd new

    4 GONE 2 LEFT ive 6 in total all brand new £80 each Model(s): HDS721010KLA330 Interface: Serial ATA 3.0 Gb/s Capacity: 1 TB Sector size: 512 bytes Disks/heads: 5/10 Performance: Data buffer2: 32 MB Rotational speed: 7200 RPM Media transfer rate (max): 1070 Mb/s Interface transfer...
  4. mercmanuk

    hdd's 1tb sata

    hitachi deskstar 1tb hdd,sata internal brand new £90 delivered 2 available samsung 500gb hdd,sata internal brand new £50 delivered 3 available
  5. mercmanuk

    nas storage or sata enclosure

    i need a nas box or an enclosure to hold 4 500gb hdd's or 2 1tb hdd's can anyone help.oh yes they are sata drives cheers all
  6. grasmere

    IDE HD to SATA MB converter, anyone tried it

    I have a new pc with a SATA motherboard etc and was interested in fitting a second HD. Then on ebay I saw a 'IDE HD to SATA MB converter' for about £10. A small plug in for an IDE HD with a SATA cable to attach to the MB. Got one and tried it with 2 different IDE HD's, 60 Gb and 17 Gb but...
  7. Jukie

    SATA query

    Is a SATA drive running at 5400rpm quicker or slower that a "normal" drive running at 7200rpm? TIA. David
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