1. F

    Cant find satellites

    Hi All, this is my first time asking for help. I have a 2010 ML350 with a Comand APS. I have upgraded the maps to 2016/17 standard, which took well over an hour, but appeared to have been completed. My problem is that when I select the "Compas Feature" it shows "0" next to the sat symbol with...
  2. Herishi

    ntg2.5 rarely got satellites

    Guys I rarely seem to have any satellites (see pic) sometimes I get 3 or even 4 but only for 5 seconds max. And good pointers or is is a case of replacing the gps module? Thanks Steve
  3. M


    How do I view the satellites that my command is receiving?
  4. C

    Cl 500 Sat Nav, No Satellites

    I have a few issues regarding my CL 500 Sat Nav operation: It has been working intermittently recently and I've noticed it does not show any satellites. I checked the connections to the sat nav aerial in the boot lid and also the connections in the boot behind the right hand cover (2...
  5. S

    w204 satnav doesn't see satellites

    Hello All, Couple of days ago satnav in my 59 reg C250 sport stopped working, it starts fine but doesn't see any satellites. I have taken the car to MB and was told that because my satnav was retrofitted by the previous owner my warranty doesn't cover it and to have it fixed they would need...
  6. wobbly

    Comand finding satellites

    The Comand in my ML is taking its time to find any satellites. The Comand was a retro fit about six years ago and worked fine until a couple of weeks ago, then it would take from 5 to 20 minutes of starting the car to register any satellites.( so if I'm not on a marked road, the system gets...
  7. M

    Missing satellites

    Hi The comand system on my slk350 is not picking up any sats. Has anyone any ideas on this fault. Thanks
  8. Stratman

    COMAND is lost, plenty of satellites

    Like the title says, my comand 2 (CD based) has been lost for the past few days. It's in the general area but about five miles adrift. Before you say "The antenna has died", it has continuously reported between three and six satellites. I've tried the System Reset in the 'hidden' menu...
  9. T

    Comand NTG 2.5 - Zero Satellites with SD Card – I may have a potential fix!

    Like others I was disappointed recently to find that whenever I have an SD card inserted in my retrofit NTG 2.5 unit, the satellite count in the compass screen drops to zero. Whilst the compass feature isn’t really a problem, I suspect this does explain why from time-to-time I am shown as ‘off...
  10. vibesg

    Can't see any satellites

    I have Comand 2.0 in a 2003 SL. Driving down the M6 from Penrith southwards this afternoon I suddenly noticed that there was just the arrow on the screen with no maps or roads. It was showing no satellites being received. This I have never experienced. I tried to input a fresh destination but it...
  11. L

    Comand can't 'see' any satellites

    OK so it's not an MB but it IS proper Comand! My Smart forfour has Comand fitted, it's the same DVD based version as in the A-class. For the last few weeks it has known where I am intermittantly but then last week it lost me totally, we (my workshop manager!) pulled the unit out on Fri...
  12. Alfie

    COMAND: How many satellites do you see?

    Travelling along the M40 last night I noticed that my COMAND had picked up 8 satellites. As the most I've ever seen before was seven (quite regularly) I was wondering how many other people regularly or occasionally see.
  13. P

    No satellites?

    Has anyone noticed a problem with their nav system or road angel (or similar) the last two afternoons? My comand has shown '0 satellites' for the last two afternoons (and yet still seems to accurately show the car position on the map screen), also my Inforad (similar to road angel) can't get...
  14. A

    GPS: How many satellites?

    Just finished the rough installation (need to tidy it up) of the Blaupunkt DX-V, and was wondering how many satellites you normally pick up? Mind, this is in a build-up area, I currently get 6-7, sometimes dropping to 3. The antenna is mounted in the centre of the dashboard at the very front...
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