1. JimGreen

    C63 AMG (Genuine) 19" Satin Black Wheels

    Before I put these up on Ebay........ I have two (One Front, One Rear) genuine Mercedes C63 AMG W204 wheels for sale that have been sat in my garage since I sold my previous C63 in January this year. 1. Front Wheel, purchased new last year from Mercedes Portsmouth and has done less than 500...
  2. Piff

    Acrylic satin finish

    I generally prefer to use oil based paints for decorating internal woodwork and have already decorated bare skirtings, etc with an oil based primer. What is the panels thoughts on subsequent coats? I would usually then apply 1 coat oil based undercoat followed by 1 coat oil based satinwood...
  3. martyp87

    HRE FF01 20" Alloys - Tarmac (Satin Black)

    Reluctant sale but needs must, engine had a issue on the dyno whilst being tuned on the CL - two piston rings gave way (think Cyl 7 & 8) so needs a rebuild and I'm not interested spending more on it anymore. Purchased these wheels from Wheel Boutique in the US, they were off a E class and had...
  4. M

    De-Chrome on W204...gloss/matte or satin black?

    Anyone got any photos of their cars that have been de-chromed? Trying to work out if on a Black 507 coupe I should go gloss black on boot handle, window surrounds and front grille or satin. Not a fan of the chrome on the car and have specced my other MB's with night pack to get rid of it...
  5. J

    Satin Black C63 Wheels.

    Thought I would post some pics of my newly refurbished wheels courtesy of the Wheel Specialist of Garforth Leeds. I had not noticed that the wheels had been done before, and that the polished lip was actually painted and, well, not polished! Unfortunately adding the polished lip bumped the...
  6. RKC-benz

    Restoring black painted satin roof bars

    Any advice on a good single product to restore the finish on my black satin painted roof bars? They are on a W124 estate ... Have posted elsewhere but with limited response.
  7. SANJP

    Satin black or chrome grill on w212 ? Opinions please

    Hi Guys Below are some pics of My W212 with Chrome and Satin Black grill Would really appreciate some input on what you guys think suite the car / looks best ?
  8. M

    5x AMG Pentas - satin black centres

    I have 5x AMG/Penta style wheels for sale. Three are stamped AMG and two are stamped Penta. They're all exactly the same size and style, though - five-spoke, 16-inch, 6J and ET11 offset. They've had a refurb but not to a very high standard. Don't get me wrong, they're perfectly passable with...
  9. W

    Gloss or Satin?

    Pretty simple poll people ;) Just wondering what people on here prefer in general for painted woodwork - ie skirtings/architraves etc? I've always used gloss personally but I'm wondering this time around. I know that a lot can depend on decorative schemes modern/traditional etc, but in...
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