1. brucemillar

    Job Satisfaction?

    Folks What little jobs have managed to complete that give you that smug grin. The grin that you retain in the face of others lack of understanding of your skill and brilliance. Today I completed fitting new "grain of sand" 12v light bulbs to all of my instrument switches in my Mistsubishi...
  2. Jakerook

    The satisfaction in removing ascratch.

    Can't tell you how good it feels. It was one of those annoying ones you see every day when you go to the car. Feel like I've accomplished something today!
  3. CE230


    Driving on an urban dual carriageway when a chavmobile tried to undertake before he got to the parked cars on the nearside lane and expected me to give way. I was in the Paj so didn't give an inch and the damage to the chavmobile must have been extensive when he hit the lamp post trying to avoid...
  4. gt-83

    D.I.Y satisfaction!

    i have FINALLY fitted my water pump to the coupe this weekend, it was weeks ago now that i posted about it weeping, but ive not had a whole day to do it......i know some of you guys could do a e320 waterpump before breakfast, but im feeling chuffed that i saved the £300 that in indy quoted me...
  5. stwat

    Satisfaction guaranteed

    I wish i could say the same :p :D
  6. S

    Dealership Satisfaction Shock Horror.

    YEEEE-HAAAAA!!!! Finally the beast drives straight. After various attempts to solve the pulling left problem its fixed!!!! Many thanks to Lawrence in service at Rycroft in Stockton, and Jamie the mechanic who sorted that and an engine problem. Next person into Rycroft - Let Lawrence know...
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