1. FunkyFez

    Another satisfied MSL customer

    After a first class outing to MSL in Birmingham, I wished to share my experience with everybody. I had planned to have my car mapped for a while and after research and finally recommendation, Eurocharged was decided as the way forward. I contacted Acid through this forum and we had a chat...
  2. reflexboy

    Another satisfied customer for PCS

    Just had my Dad's car serviced and MOT arranged at PCS Horndean this morning. As always brilliant service by Olly and his team. Friendly, knowledgeable and great value. Many thanks.
  3. Pacamack

    Never satisfied!

    I have a problem. I've just placed an order for a new car, which will be great and I'll absolutely love it. However, for some reason I can't stop questioning whether I should have gone for a saloon over a coupe, petrol over diesel, 350 over 250, full leather over memory seats etc. etc...
  4. R

    Say hello to a satisfied customer ;-)

    8lbs 1oz and lurvin the back seat in my car :-) Lil Jai was born yesterday at 1020 and was discharged by 1300... He promptly settled in for his drive back home :-)
  5. Benzster

    Satisfied Customer

    I am extremely pleased to say the advice I found on this site about MB servicing in NE England, via "Staithes Garage" in Dunston, Gateshead; has proved to be perfect. What an obliging man the owner Phil Baister is, as indeed are his staff. I have no hestitation in saying I will return there...
  6. Alfie

    Another satisfied customer of PCS.

    Popped down to PCS this morning to have my disks/pads and ATF replaced by Ollie. First class job. Excellent value for money plus the gearchanges are so much smoother now. Would recommend him to anyone needing or simply wanting some work done. Next trip will be in the new year for a full...
  7. B

    Completely Satisfied?

    Far from it I'm afraid! I bought a 2 year old ML420 a few months ago from a local main dealer and I am now at the stage where I would never buy any brand of car from this group again and I'm seriously questioning whether I would ever buy another Mercedes. The dealership made such a **** up of...
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