1. T

    Kenwood DNX 5160BTS Multimedia SatNav

    Selling my Kenwood DNX5160BTS Multimedia Double Din Sat Nav – only 8 months old due to upgrade. See attached link for specifications: DNX5160BTS Apple CarPlay with built-in sat nav ? Kenwood UK Removed from my Mercedes CLK 280 by a professional installer. Selling for £265.00 + £10.00...
  2. PenelopePitstop

    Update your sat-nav for just £99 - promo from MB

    Got the email with some AMG promotions and one of them was: "Update your sat-nav for just £99. Want to get the best of your Mercedes-Benz navigation system? Update your maps with the very latest navigation data for all of Europe for just £99. Book your update now at your local...
  3. BTB 500

    Satnav shootout ... who will get home quicker?

    Late Sunday afternoon. Pouring rain. A field near the New Forest. An S203 with COMAND sets off for the 60 mile drive home with Mrs BTB at the controls. Five minutes later I leave in the Vito, guidance courtesy of TomTom. I got back 30 mins before she did :thumb: :bannana:
  4. X

    2014 e350 satnav

    Hi Recently purchased - Lovely car. All the options and I love it. Only issue - SATNAV using the postcode takes me somewhere within 1-2 miles of the actual location. It tends to say journey complete at least 1/2 mile before actual end and one one occasion was 2 miles out. Has anyone...
  5. S

    Non existent roadworks shown on SatNav

    Hi, For the last few weeks I have been seeing miles of non existent road works on route. I see the roadwork symbol and a red dotted line along the road, but there are no road works present. Anyone else seen anything like this? Cheers, Stu
  6. T

    W205 SatNav pronunciation problems

    Just got back from one of my regular trips down to Malaga in my new W205 with Comand Sat Nav. The pronunciation (in English) of Spanish & French towns is appalling. My previous car was a C350 with Comand and over 7 years I had no problems with the SatNav. As an example Malaga is pronounced...
  7. N

    W212 feed for dashcam/own satnav etc

    I wanted to pick up a switched live for a dashcam. Previous posts suggested removing centre tray to wire off the socket. I thought I might struggle with that so used a different method.. I discovered the back of engine fuse box has a large feed through to cabin for main loom so plenty of space...
  8. T

    Slk satnav

    Hi everyone, I am picking up a 2015 SLK250 AMG CDI SPORT on Friday that does not have Satnav. Can I just buy a card to insert in the radio head and if so which one do I buy on eBay? All help much appreciated.
  9. B

    E320 SatNav failure

    Took my 2005 e320 to have the small battery replaced (the one under the bonnet). During the journey to the garage, the Command SatNav was working perfectly. After fitting the new battery, the SatNav refuses to work, saying it cannot read the DVD. Any ideas anyone ?
  10. Z

    NTG4 Comand APS 2015/16 Latest Satnav discs

    Genuine discs, do not use ebay copies when you can buy these for £45 + p&p NTG4 Comand APS 2015/16 Latest Satnav discs Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  11. Z

    NTG4 Comand APS 2015/16 Latest Satnav discs

    Hi I have a genuine set of discs for the NTG4 comand APS for sale 2015/16 Latest edition See picture for model compatibility Don't pay £159 when you can buy mine for £45 +p&p Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  12. Z

    Which satnav maps do I have?

    Hello, I'm still struggling to find out which map version I have on my E Class A207 2010 350 cdi. Im looking to update the maps but have no idea what I have installed at the moment and the latest maps for my car are 2015 so if I have 2014 installed I'll wait a while. I have NTG4 installed with...
  13. Z

    Looking to update ntg4 satnav

    Hi I'm looking to upgrade my satnav on my 2010 A207 W class. Ive looked on my command ntg4 engineering mode and seen the following does this mean my last map update was in 2009? Thanks Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  14. D

    Copying SatNav onto Comand

    Have copied all my SatNav information from the MMI SatNav system in my last car (Audi SQ5) onto a USB stick but for some unknown reason the Comand system does not see any files to be copied when USB installed in my car. Any ideas anyone?
  15. 0

    Satnav Update

    Morning Again... So, 2008 CLS 320 CDI Had a quick look in the manual including the COMAND user manual and i can't seem to find the model or system number. I am looking at updating the Maps and need to know what disc to purchase. Once updated, will it give me 7 digit postcodes, opposed...
  16. J

    NTG 2.5 SatNav update ?

    The SatNav in my CLS is the facelift NTG 2.5 with the card slot, it is a bit out of date, like getting on for ten years. Is there an easy cost effective way to get it updated to a later map set ?
  17. T

    Chinese Satnav

    What are your opinions of Chinese Satnav's.
  18. ShaunB

    2015/2016 comand satnav update dvd ntg-4 v13 a2048270200

    Guys As per title, i have for sale a map update DVD. Genuine Mercedes item. Its for the earlier W204 model. Mercedes part number A2048270200 £60 ono?
  19. I

    Satnav question on w205

    Being a long term user of TomTom I have straight away noticed some annoyances of the Garmin system. To start with everytime I enter the postcode instead of getting on with calculating the route and starting, Garmin tells me to start driving so that route can be calculated and shown. A right PITA...
  20. Pete W

    Satnav – A new poem by Pam Ayres

    Satnav – A new poem by Pam Ayres I have a little Satnav, it sits there in my car. A Satnav is a driver's friend it tells you where you are. I have a little Satnav, i've had it all my life. It's better than the normal ones, my Satnav is my wife. It gives me full instructions, especially how to...
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