1. Mactech

    What I didn't do in my Merc on Saturday

    Had quite a busy and varied day on Saturday. Left before six to rush down to near Silverstone where I had to pull the engine from our Classic Formula Ford car for tech. inspection. We lead the championship so we must have a 'bent' engine:dk: Then on to the circuit where my choice of transport...
  2. LTD

    Wifey getting her new car on Saturday

    This should be a hoot !!!! Mrs. LTD collects her new VW Polo on Saturday morning. A 1.8 GTi :-) Should be a fun weekend !!!
  3. kvz2000

    Wee Saturday trip

    Enjoyable drive yesterday .
  4. S

    Newbie here - Picking up our ML250 CDI BlueTEC Special Edition on Saturday!

    Hi All, Here's to my first post! I've been an active member on both the UK Audi TT and E90 forum and hope to be over here too! The wife and I have purchased a 2013 ML250 CDI BlueTEC Special Edition and take delivery of her on Saturday. Excited to say the least! It's Diamond white...
  5. nb_racing

    Info for BOTG this saturday.

    Hi all, Just a couple of things to note for this Saturday if you are joining us for BOTG; We will be doing the drive-out again this year along the same route as most people didn't make it... So... please can everyone wishing to go on the drive-out make sure they have plenty of fuel when...
  6. D

    GoPro Footage Of My 11.03@128mph At Santa Pod Saturday
  7. BenzedUP

    RWYB Saturday 12th

    OK, so a few of you guys on here have shown an interest for Saturday the 12th. I'll be going with a couple of mates that day. More info: Let's get an early list started: Benzedup - 911 C4S or SLK55 F1BHP - SL600 ? JimiE55 - E55K
  8. S

    Hello All - Bad day on Saturday!

    Just recently bought a C220 2nd hand 54 plate. Developed an oil leak. Filled up with oil. White smoke starts coming out of exhaust. Thought, oops - too much oil. Will have to drain some. Driving along a road in St Albans and suddenly the engine goes mental:eek:. Thick white smoke billowing out...
  9. Jas C63

    Bought a C63 today pick up saturday

    Hi everyone, Finally got one :D Bit of a distance sale i have to fly there to collect it but looking forward to the drive home :thumb:
  10. S

    Picking up on Saturday!!

    Hi all! My name is Stefan and I am picking up my c63 amg coupe this Saturday. Have waited 1 month since placing the deposit and cant WAIT!! Past cars 4 M3's 2 Golf R's and a Nissan GTR. Always had the itch to scratch with the c63 so very exited, and looking forward to being as helpful to...
  11. D

    Super Saturday

    No one else watching the Rugby in the sunshine? Love this format.
  12. TrickyTrev

    MOT on saturday

    The E55k is going in to mercedes at stevenage for its mot. Slightly nervous about it but I'm sure it will pass. It's a great car and it's well looked after strong brakes and new tyres. All the lights work too. God help me on the omissions though... Hopefully the cats aren't done.... Merc are...
  13. Sp!ke

    Drove this on Saturday - anybody tell what it is?

  14. Felstmiester

    Saturday parking nearest to Hyde park London

    Me and the wife are taking kids to winter wonderland tomorrow. Going to drive up. Is it worth me booking in a ncp or q park tonight or is there plenty of parking around that area on a sat? Nearest and cheapest is around £36 for the day. Thanks.
  15. N

    Surrey Rolling Road £40 Saturday

    As per the title.....Charlie is having one of his £40 Saturday's this weekend (15th November) at his new place in Farnborough. I'm on at 10.15am so if anyone else fancies a go email Surrey rolling road and see if there are any spaces left!
  16. H

    Hilton Coachworks & Castle Sportscars Open Day this Saturday 11th October

    Hello, I hope you don't mind me posting this in here! We are having an open day here at Hilton Coachworks, hosted between Hilton Coachworks and Castle Sportscars it should be a good day out. As a Mercedes-Benz approved repairer and Classic Mercedes Restorer there is plenty to see...
  17. N

    Bristol Uni this Saturday - anywhere to park?

    Going to have a look this Saturday with eldest who's considering it for History. Never been to the Uni, don't know Bristol at all. The school suggests we use a Park & Ride that's 6+ miles & 1 hour by bus from the campus, which sounds like a PITA to me. Anyone know if there's a place to park...
  18. Rashman

    Saturday night meet or Sunday meet and drive?

    Hey guys, Right, I'm looking to try and sort out a meet-up this weekend. I appreciate it's Father's Day so I'm expecting a lot of you to be busy with things on Sunday. However, there may be some of you that are available, so I'm thinking of two options. Either a meet at bluewater on...
  19. skyline pete

    daughter getting married saturday....

    after spending a small fortune on it ...set the wedding date 12mths ago this saturday 15th Feb.....please please weather get better...:( got the bride 4 bridesmaids and the wife all getting ready at home sat morn..:o dont seem like a good weather day by the forecast...:( small problem...
  20. B

    Pick this up on Saturday!

    Evening all, I've finally decided to get an slk, after wanting one since they were released I've finally done it! I pick up this beauty on Saturday and I can't wait! Better late than never :D
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