1. Piff

    Transferring saved programs from sky box

    We have a Sky+HD box with loads of programs saved on to it. We will be reviewing what we pay for tv in the coming months with both sons moving out over the next 3 months. If we ditch Sky, is there a way of still accessing the recorded programs? One recorded program is of particular sentimental...
  2. D

    Saved configurations

    I am trying to log into my Mercedes account to check out saved configs but I get an error message saying The storage of third-party cookies is disabled. Please enable third-party cookies to be stored and then try again. Can anyone help me sort this out. Have contacted Mercedes Customer...
  3. P

    Saved myself a small fortune on Auto-Glym products today...

    Halfords | Cleaning & Body Repair | Car Cleaning | Pressure Washers | Car Body Repair Stocked up on 9 products paying for only 6 ;) Hope this heads up is permissible
  4. dan-mb

    Guy single-handedly saved a stuck Range Rover...

    Guy single-handedly saved a stuck Range Rover... :rock:
  5. st13phil

    The Plane That Saved Britain

    I know there are a few aviation enthusiasts here so thought it worth mentioning that Channel 4 are re-running the program about the De Havilland Mosquito that was first shown last night on the 47 network tonight at 8pm. As well as the history element it includes some good contemporary colour...
  6. Merc Owner 2B

    Comand Online Upgrade - Deletes saved destinations?

    A quick question for those in the know. My one year old ML is in tomorrow for a service and they said they'll upgrade the map database in the comand online system. I asked them if my saved destinations would be safe but the dealer is unsure. I've asked them not to do it if my favourites are...
  7. T

    AlloyGator - Saved my New alloy already!!

    Hi All, Got my new 19" alloys fitted a couple of days ago. No matter how carefully I drive/park, I always manage to curb my wheels at some point, which really annoys the hell out of me, & I act like I got PMT for the next couple of weeks (we all do, dont we?). To stop this happening, I...
  8. M

    EBay Rogue cars appearing in my saved list ????

    I have noticed something strange about my ebay account over the last few weeks and am starting to get a little suspicous. Basically i have been watching cars as i am on the look out for a 2nd motor and also i'm looking for a car for my son. My saved list is quite specific ,they are either mercs...
  9. Borys

    Winter tyres saved me three times!!!!

    Yesterday was travelling thru Germany.Late night 3am,raining a bit keeping 90mph on cruize.Temp outside dropped to 1 degree,not worried at that stage.Suddenly I noticed a white cover on the road,literally ice!!!!!Seconds after three cars smashed fast lane,slow lane and carriage way...
  10. stevesey

    Dealer sentenced (I nearly bought from him - saved by mycarcheck)

    Don't think I posted this at the time but last December I went to look at A C2 for my Daughter - car was very tidy, 04 Plate, 40K miles, Black with a funky orange interior - £2.4K. Some minor scratching to interior door handles, no obvious signs of paint - although I did spot a bit on damaged...
  11. Ted

    Saved a few bob yesterday

    The aircon on my CLK has never been particularly fantastic, and I've noticed over the last few weeks it's been getting worse. Nothing too bad, just takes a long time to cool the car down, and struggles a little in the very hot weather. Well, I've been here before in my 210 - cabin filter...
  12. SilverSaloon

    How a can of mushy peas saved my holiday

    On Friday we were off to the highlands for a long weekend away. You can imagine my dismay when i discovered my rear exhaust backbox on the 124 estate split in half on Thursday night... the bit going into the rear box rusted off and was in 2 parts.... plus the outlet of the rear box was also...
  13. bpsorrel

    Saab is saved!

    Just confirmed on Bloomberg (and elsewhere) that Spyker have bought Saab from GM! Ok, now we'll see what Saab can do when not restrained by GM! :)
  14. The Boss

    I have just saved over £600 on insurance on my E350

    Gentlemen, Ladies, hope you are well. I have been spending last 2 days hunting around for insurance quotes after my Renewal came in a bit steep. Tesco started off at £1026, then dropped it to £952. Told them to get lost.. Any how, Swinton came in at £850 Again told um to get lost.. Peter...
  15. flango

    How a 300 bhp Subaru just saved our lives

    Hi Gang Just had the scare of our lives, just returned from Doncaster after the usual madness of Christmas shopping and decided to go in the Scooby estate for loading room and in case of any car park dings this time of year. Coming back through a small village in a 30 mph limit I was in 2nd...
  16. AbbieCadabra

    Whoops! Keys locked in car, Damsel saved within 40 mins!

    at lunch today, for the first time in my 20'ish years of driving, i locked my keys in the boot when i was swapping my bags over (a girl thing! handbag to sports bag as i was off to the gym :p ). as soon as i put the boot down, i realised the keys in my hand were the house ones & the car key...
  17. Crazyjester900

    Seats starting to split! Can they be saved?

    Hey guys, My front right passenger seat is starting to split :( This makes me sad!!! Is there any way of saving it? It has only just started to go... it must be saved!!! Thanks for your help Brad
  18. Satch

    The Planet is saved!

    "Families in Richmond are being asked to swap their 4x4s for a more environmentally friendly mode of transport:" Being a 4x4 driving Surrey Lady, I suggested to Mrs S. that...
  19. timberman

    the story of my throttle actuater and how I saved nearly a grand

    A few months ago my car started acting up, While sat at some traffic lights the dashboard flashed up an error code about ESP failing and the car went into limp mode, so I pulled over switched of and restarted and all was well. then after several weeks of trouble free motoring (rare for me) it...
  20. Ted

    We're saved!!! Phew! I thought we were all goners!!!! Howard!! you can come out from under the bed.
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