1. WDB124066

    Sunscreen saves your skin but wrecks your car paintwork

    Imagine if this catches on. I think somebody may need to change a formula or two.
  2. M

    MOBILO saves the day

    Numb-nuts here opened the boot with the fob, dropped his tools into it, also dropped the keys and shut the boot..... I'm four hours from home and its late. Fortunately punched the MOBILO number into the mobile last month so gave it a shot. Call handler was good and efficient and very...
  3. C

    Share Saves

    Hi guys after some advice regarding sharesaves and capital gains tax. Is it possible to use your partners allowance or transfer them to the wife to avoid the capital gains tax? Thanks
  4. C

    W203 Run flat indicator saves the day

    When I took my 2007 W203 220 CDI coupe back to the dealer after a month to sort a few niggles I asked for the run flat and no KPH/temp display mods to be programmed. They did the run flat but not the KPH/temp display. This weekend a red display appears saying check tyre pressures and even...
  5. SilverSaloon

    Towbar saves the day again!

    Hi my W124 was bumped from behind today as a stopped at traffic lights (car in front of me slammed brakes on a bit, i then broke hard, but lady behind didnt so much :mad:). Anyway, it was just a little bump and luckily the towbar saved the day again. No visible damage to towbar either so we...
  6. BTB 500

    Speeding saves lives?

    You can't argue with video evidence like this: :D
  7. L

    BAS saves the life of an idiot

    Just been shopping and on my returning home I came of a roundabout and accelerated up the duel carriageway. About 200 yards in and an old guy (65-70ish) who I had noticed as I was coming off the roundabout decided to step out in front of the car. BAS came on and the car came to rest with the...
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