1. nickpb

    Comand - Saving destinations with a meaningful name, or renamimg them later

    So I have a new E-Class with Comand version NTG 5.5 and I can't for the life of me see a way to either give a sensible name to a destination when I save it, or rename it after I have saved it. When it saves it, it seems to just use the name of the road, most of which are totally forgettable...
  2. P

    R230 / SL space saving spare wheel kit

    For sale - complete spare wheel kit for R230. I purchased this prior to selling my SL55 and it is in unused condition. The kit comprises a space saving spare wheel, polystyrene insert, holding-down fasteners, and air compressor to inflate the tyre. Very expensive from MB, much better than the...
  3. milleplod

    Saving money...

    ....does anyone else enjoy trawling eBay, Amazon, et al, looking for car (and bike) related bargains? I've recently picked up a genuine BMW oil filter, in a tatty box, for my bike for the princely sum of a fiver, delivered, and a Mahle air filter, unboxed, for the same price. And I found that...
  4. D

    ultra rare w107 350 sl tax exempt worth saving

    Classic 1972 Mercedes r107 SL 350 Convertible. Rare Manual. | eBay
  5. R

    Radio not saving presets!

    Hi everyone, I've just picked up my facelift w204 C220d estate but everytime I get in the car it has forgot my radio stations and presets. It's not annoying enough to travel 40 miles back to the dealer I bought from but has anyone else had this problem and is there a DIY fix? Everything...
  6. ioweddie

    Indoor Energy Saving Light Bulbs Like the Dark Ages

    These bulbs are expensive, a pain to dispose of, and worst of all bloody useless. Its like living in the Dark Ages, 240 volt 9 watt small screw golf ball cost about £7 each don't last 10.000 hours as claimed and are about as bright as a 25watt conventional bulb. Am I the only one who thinks we...
  7. Herishi

    fuel saving tricks

    Guys I notice whatever car I have, it gets worse in the winter. This is particularly important now as my e280 is a bit of a diesel alcoholic :-) If I employ full hypermiling mode in the summer I get an average of 36-37mpg but now the weather has changed its 33-34mpg. And this is staying...
  8. Piff

    Saving e-mails

    I have a 1&1 e-mail account (for business use) and my account storage (1.95gb) is nearly full. I've tried deleting some older e-mails but it is time consuming to sort through them and decide which I may need to access in the future. I can't find an option within 1&1 to save the e-mails &...
  9. 1

    W202 - rusty door bottoms, arches - worth saving?

    Been to see a 1998 C Class W202 that's for sale. Mechanically looks and sounds good, but the tin worms have been busy. 96K, with good history. No evidence of MAF replacement. Bottoms of all doors are rusty and door skins are starting to peel. The rubber/plastic trim piece under the...
  10. The _Don

    Saving the best for last: SLS AMG GT FINAL EDITION

    The SLS AMG GT FINAL EDITION brings an impressive era to an end. The FINAL EDITION model, built in a limited run of just 350 units, represents the last opportunity for customers to order a SLS AMG – while at the same time reflecting the unrivalled success story and unique scope offered by...
  11. imazed

    CLS320 Analogue Clock - Daylight Saving

    I have had my 2007 CLS320CDI for a few weeks now and still happy except I am completely frustrated in trying to set the analogue clock back one hour. No instructions in the handbook except a reference to the Comand manual which was not supplied with the car. I downloaded the US comand manual as...
  12. developer

    Life Saving

    I don't know too much about lifesaving, but if anyone is going to bring this guy back to life, my money is on the girl on the right.
  13. grober

    Energy saving trust green deal and eco

    Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) - Grants and savings - Energy Saving Trust Announced today. Good idea or cowboys charter? Expect lots of unsolicited phone calls - you have been warned. :rolleyes:
  14. 300CE

    Anyone fancy saving this 300ce-24v?

    Nice spec with electrically heated cream leather seats too (any idea what that thing is above the hazard switch?!): 1990 MERCEDES 300CE-24 AUTO RED SPARES OR REPAIRS | eBay
  15. expat

    Thanks for saving me E690!!!

    A couple months back some of you told me my fuel delivery problem was caused by a solenoid that MB calls the 'pedal value sensor'. They wanted 700Euro for it here in the Republic of Ireland. Since I didn't pay much more than that for the car I started looking around and calling junk yards and...
  16. W

    The price of saving weight is £1000/kg's a BMW thread! BMW M3 CRT revealed - Despite the whopping surcharge of £1000/kg weight saved in the new BMW M3 CRT I like the idea of carbon fibre reinforced plastic. Maybe I've missed the news threads, but I'm wish MB would use more new materials...
  17. E CLASS

    Home Insurance - money saving tip!

    If anyone is renewing their home insurance shortly here's a quick tip. When you speak with your insurer - shoot them the line that you RBS are offering a guarantee to beat your renewl quote by 10% (they are by the way!) We did this and LV dropped the premium instantly by 10% to match it...
  18. The _Don

    E63 AMG £95,000 NEW!! Massive saving! SALOON (2010/60

    Designo Mocha Black with Designo leather -pastel yellow interior. Mercedes-Benz Epsom : E63 AMG £95,000 NEW!! Massive saving! SALOON
  19. gaz_l

    Saving the planet..

    Greetings, Citizens. Mrs. Gaz was looking for something a little quicker than her 18 year old Panda (not difficult) so we have just purchased this.. It's quite fun in a small bouncy kind of way, it does need to be ragged to get it to go anywhere, but with a 6 speed close ratio box it...
  20. Howard

    This must be worth saving .... surely

    Dash ? one for you ? Talbir ? Jay ? Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums W126 380 sel carat dutchatalet supercharged breaking car has the following 380 v8 supercharged engine cream leather electric front and rear seats electric rear blind carat bodykit
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