1. C

    SBS pump

    The garage have fitted a new pump & still light coming on with fault code 2254 can anyone help please just spent £875 on this pump from spinspeed . Car E320 Cdi 2004
  2. D

    Sbs 2003

    I have a problem (again). I need to reinstall SBS 2003 (R2) on my server. I have lost the first cd and it is no longer obtainable from Dell or Microsoft. Bit cheeky, but does anyone have a CD1 one that I can borrow? Happy to send pics of Licensing sticker etc if required, but rather...
  3. D

    Antivirus SBS

    Hi I run a server which runs SBS 2003 R2. Until recently (today!) I used a Symantec SBS suite. This since installed has crippled my server accusing it of running low on memory. Last night it decided to corrupt after downloading an update. Despite following the advice on Symantec website, I...
  4. Raincheck

    W211 SBS pump noise solution!

    Hi forum members, I tought I have to share this with you if you are a W211 E Class owner. Isn't it anoying to hear the SBS pump very so on time you hit the breaks. There is a solution and it will reduce 90% off the pump noise sound level! Inspect SBC hydraulic pump to see if your pump is...
  5. WLeg

    BT and SBS

    Does anyone know anything about BT blocking Exchange /SBS servers from using there (secure) relay ? Ours was working untill yesterday, have spoken to there techies (joke) and they now block access, as they want Business customers to use there "new" mail package...
  6. WLeg

    Windows SBS 2003 SP1

    Has finally been released Be a MS Guinea Pig and help test their software. Just waiting for my test server to crash now.
  7. WLeg

    Sbs 2003

    Having a (hopefully) brief brain dead moment.... Can someone remind me where in SBS 2003 Exchange you add additional email domains ? So that user1 can send and recieve from and user2 can send and recieve from ????
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